5 high-quality hotels in Beidaihe and Golden Coast- bookmarked!

The hotter the weather, the more we desire to be close to the sea. With the arrival of the scorching summer and the approaching summer vacation, Beidaihe in Qinhuangdao enters its peak tourist season. In recent years, the addition of star-rated hotels has overall improved the accommodation conditions in Beidaihe. Moreover, more families are also pursuing hotels with high quality and good environment.

Hua Mao International Hotel

The location of Huamao International Hotel is very good, just across from Olympic Avenue Park. The park is large and open to the public for free, with some sculptures related to the Olympics inside.

Shangri-La Hotel

The Shangri-La Hotel in Qinhuangdao has 328 luxurious rooms and suites, with a cozy and modern overall style, making it a tasteful choice for travelers.

ANA InterContinental Hotel

Anlan Hotel is not a traditional hotel, it is more like a tree or a coral. The lobby is the trunk of this tree, with two triangular joints growing on the trunk, which is the common space for people to move around. Each vertex extends three branch-like corridors, with hotel rooms scattered throughout.

Club Med Joyview

Club Med Joyview is a new product series introduced by Club Med, providing a pleasant and comfortable leisure opportunity for urban consumers in China, focusing on exquisite nearby tours, with only 2-3 hours' drive from major cities nearby. This flexible vacation mode allows guests to choose either Club Med's signature "all-inclusive" package or the "room-only" service with breakfast.

Arcadia Hotel

Arcadia has 859 sea-view rooms, apartments, and luxury suites. The facilities here are complete, including swimming pools, hot springs, and golf. There are also excellent children's facilities, such as slides, farms, children's parks, swings, and LEGO toy areas.