Qinhuangdao Family Parent-Child Hotel

A suitable place for a family vacation, where children can play on the beach, creating happy memories.

Beidaihe 1314 Love Apartment

The room is spacious and bright, the bathroom is well-maintained and clean, the beddings are neat, the facilities are complete, and the price-performance ratio is high. It is highly recommended.

Beidaihe Bay Apartment

Elegant environment, quiet, warmly comfortable decoration, clean and tidy, bed sheets and quilts have the scent of sunshine, fully equipped facilities, excellent cost performance.

Beidaihe Qingzhou Hotel

The room decoration is beautiful, the guest rooms and bathrooms are clean, the surrounding environment is also good, and the transportation is convenient.

Beidaihe Xinmeng Hotel

Good service attitude and enthusiasm, efficient handling, cozy and comfortable rooms, clean and odor-free bathrooms.

Beidaihe Haiyun Apartment near the sea

The boss is very nice, the decoration is good, the kitchen supplies are complete, the hygiene condition is good, the parking is convenient, not far from the morning market seafood market.

Shang Shan Ruo Shui Hotel (Beidaihe Liuzhuang Night Market Bathhouse branch)

Ideal location, 5-minute walk to the beach, 1-minute walk to Liu Zhuang Night Market. Clean and quiet living space. Affordable price.

Beidaihe 1314 seaside cottage

Enjoy the seaside scenery and bask in the sun. Wonderful. Stayed in a seaside cottage. The hostess is very enthusiastic, and the facilities in the store are relatively complete.