Where can I eat seafood in Qingdao?

In Qingdao, seafood is deeply ingrained in the memories of everyone's lives. It is abundant in clams, scallops, mitten crabs, flounder, and yellow croaker. Spring and summer are the best seasons for enjoying seafood, while autumn is the prime season for delicious crabs. Most famous dishes in Qingdao are related to seafood, and besides frying and stir-frying, the most common ways to prepare Qingdao seafood are steaming or boiling in clear water.

Chop Wood Yard Small Cabin Seafood

This one is recommended over the seafood street stall.

Seaside seafood stall at Pichai Courtyard

You can enjoy various seafood here, including the ones you eat often.

Splintered Firewood Courtyard Gourmet Street

The Wood Chop Courtyard is a block composed of several old streets. It used to be the bustling commercial center of Qingdao from the 1920s to the 1990s, but now it is the most popular food gathering place for travelers. There is no expensive seafood here, but there are many relatively affordable seafood stalls and specialty snacks. Sea urchins, starfish, and grilled squid are common street-side snacks here.

Yunxiao Road Food Street

Yunxiao Road Food Street consists of Minjiang Road and Yunxiao Road. Whether day or night, Minjiang Road Food Street is always bustling with traffic and bustling with people around. In addition to classic seafood dishes and the popular "Seafood Steamed Pot" in recent years in Qingdao โ€“ putting various seafood in a large pot and steaming it with steam to maximize the water content and original taste of the seafood, Yunxiao Road also gathers various Western restaurants to satisfy travelers with different tastes.

Lan Gang Seafood Kitchen (Yunxiao Road branch)

Their home is very tasteful and when it comes to street food stalls, it feels slightly more upscale.

Maidao Seafood Street

Ma Island Road is one of the most important seafood culinary streets in Qingdao, thanks to its proximity to fishing villages, abundant supply of fresh seafood, and its role as a key transportation route for tourism in Laoshan District. Although Ma Island Road may not be as bustling as it once was, it still enjoys a renowned reputation for its seafood cuisine.

Boat Song Fish Dumplings (Maidao Road branch)

Dumplings come in a variety of flavors, with fillings such as squid, yellow croaker, oyster shrimp, mixed vegetables, flounder, and abalone.

Laoma Island Seafood Restaurant

There are many varieties of seafood, but they are slightly expensive. I recommend using pumpkin dough to make flounder pan-fried dumplings, which have a unique taste.

The Old Place Beer House

Located in the bustling area of Taidong, it is a miniature of "Night Qingdao". There are various types of beer, such as black beer, draft beer, and pure beer.

Joyful Beer House

Seafood can be processed.

0532 Beer House (Seafood Expert)

The locals love to go to a seafood and beer house. Draft beer costs around ten yuan per pint, and the seafood can be bought and processed at the market.

Nanshan Seafood Market

The most famous seafood market in Taitung business district, with large daily trading volume of fresh seafood, and locals often come here to make purchases.

Zhenyu Beer House (Seafood processing store)

High occupancy rate beer and seafood restaurant, original draft beer priced at 48 yuan per pitcher. Recommended dishes: Stir-fried conch slices, garlic steamed shrimp.

Tuan Island morning market

Tuandao Market is a seafood shopping paradise in the old western part of Qingdao. Every morning, local residents can be seen carrying large and small bags to purchase seafood, making it a bustling market with a strong old Qingdao atmosphere. It is recommended for travelers to visit before noon to fully experience the lively atmosphere of the market.

Captain Jack Seafood Guru (Tianjin Road Branch)

Barbecue, beer, perfect combination! One word: awesome! Recommend you come here and try it, it's really good, the seafood is very fresh.