Hotels near the attractions in Gannan

Gannan is located on the plateau and in a remote inland area. Tourism development started relatively late, so the accommodation conditions cannot be compared with developed areas in the mainland.

Xiahe Jinlun Hotel

Clean and hygienic guest rooms with basic amenities and comfortable accommodation environment.

Xiahe Yaonan Hotel

Xiahe Yaonan Hotel is located at No. 114, Tower Tawa, Dongjie of Xiahe County, about 60 meters away from the main street of the county. There are fruit shops, Sichuan restaurants, and large hotels nearby.

Xiahe Nobu Hotel

The hotel is located in Xiahe County, near Labrang Monastery and Sangke Grassland scenic area. The hotel is equipped with a parking lot and a restaurant. All types of rooms in the hotel are beautifully decorated. Welcome to check-in.

Hotel Delight in Dibu Zha, Na Renjia

The hotel is located in the center of Zhagana Dongwa Village, with a spacious parking lot and convenient transportation.

Treasure Hotel is located in Die Bu Ru Yi Bao Da Gao, China

The Dibuhu Such as Treasure High Hotel is located near the Yizhagana tourist area, which includes stone forests, towering peaks, forests, fields, villages, and Tibetan Buddhist temples. In the magical realm of the scenic area, gazing northward, the vast hundred-li stone forest is brilliant and shiny, with rugged and precipitous cliffs, completely free of dust and impurities.

Lugu Langmu Temple Hongshan Holiday Hotel (formerly Hongshan Hotel)

Lugu Langmu Temple Hongshan Holiday Hotel is located at the three-way intersection in the center of Lugu Langmu Temple Town, near the 313 Provincial Road and close to the Lugu Langmu Temple Town Government. The surrounding environment is beautiful and the scenery is pleasant.