Top 8 must-visit places in Lanzhou

Although many tourists consider Lanzhou as a transit station for traveling in the northwest, the attractions here are also remarkable and will not disappoint!

Yellow River Iron Bridge

Huanghe Iron Bridge, also known as Zhongshan Bridge, is located in the Chengguan District and is one of the most important landmarks in Lanzhou. It is a must-visit place for tourists. The iron bridge is over 200 meters long and about 7-8 meters wide, retaining the black iron frame of the bridge built over a hundred years ago, which is very quaint. During the renovation process over the past hundred years, 5 large iron arches have been added to the bridge, making it imposing and beautiful. At the south end of the iron bridge, there are golden characters "Zhongshan Bridge" and an ancient stone tablet engraved with "The First Bridge of the Yellow River". Many tourists come here every day to take pictures as a souvenir of their visit to Lanzhou.
Baitashan Park is located on the north bank of the Yellow River near the center of Lanzhou City. It is connected to Zhongshan Bridge at the entrance and is an important tourist attraction in Lanzhou. The ancient white pagoda on the mountaintop is the most famous feature of Baitashan, and there are also several palace-style buildings in the mountains. Many trees are planted around the buildings, making it a great place for mountain climbing, exercise, photography, and more. Most importantly, from the top of Baitashan, you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of Lanzhou City, with a wide field of vision.
Gansu Provincial Museum is located in Qilihe District, Lanzhou City. It houses numerous precious cultural relics and treasures, ranking among the top museums in the country. As Gansu is located on the Silk Road and at the intersection of the Han and Tibetan regions, the museum displays a large number of excavated artifacts that reflect the culture of the Western Regions, the Central Plains, and the Tibetan region. The cultural relics in the museum are diverse and stylish, making it a must-visit place when exploring Lanzhou. The museum's well-known treasures include the Bronze Statue of a Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow and the Tiles with Images of Envoys, which should not be missed during a visit.
The Water Wheel Expo Park is located on the bank of the Yellow River on Nandibin River East Road in Lanzhou, and is part of the green corridor along the river. It is also a famous theme park in Lanzhou. Based on the famous Lanzhou Yellow River water wheel, the park collects various water wheels from all over the country and displays them in the park, allowing visitors to learn about the characteristics of water wheels from different places. The park also features ponds, flowers, sculptures, and other landscapes, offering a beautiful environment.

Mother River Sculpture of the Yellow River

The Yellow River Mother sculpture is located in the middle section of Binhe Road on the south bank of the Yellow River in Lanzhou. It is the most beautiful sculpture among many artworks that represent the mother river of the Chinese nation – the Yellow River.
You can enjoy the beautiful night view of Lanzhou here.

Zhangye Road Pedestrian Street

Zhangye Road has always been a landmark and core area in Lanzhou, similar to Wangfujing in Beijing or Nanjing Road in Shanghai. It is home to a variety of department stores, specialty shops, and retail outlets. It is a good choice to come here for shopping in Lanzhou.
Lanzhou's top university.