Go around the streets and alleys in Chaoshan, visit the must-go landmarks and attractions

The attractions in Chaozhou are relatively concentrated, mainly around the streets and alleys of the ancient city, as well as the banks of the Han River outside the city. The distance between the ancient city and the scenic spots along the Han River is also not far.

Chaozhou Guangji Bridge. It is famous for its status as one of the four ancient bridges in China (the other three being Zhaozhou Bridge, Luoyang Bridge, and Lugou Bridge); its uniqueness lies in its structure as the first movable floating bridge in China, which means it can open and close, allowing navigable and flood release when opened.
The West Lake has names of attractions, but lacks the commercial atmosphere of an attraction. It's a pleasant surprise. Most of the people who stroll around and enjoy the coolness in the park are locals. The introduction of the scenic area has many poetic and picturesque names, such as West Lake Fish Raft, Hu Xin Pavilion, Virgin Spring, Phoenix Perching Building, and Lotus Pool.

Xu Fuma Mansion

Enter the Prince's Mansion through a simple stone entrance and visit. It feels like traveling through a historical tunnel and arriving in the Song Dynasty. Every detail of the house reflects the lifestyle of that time.
Jiadi Lane is a "side street" of Paifang Street, easy to miss if you're not careful. It's only 200 meters long and is a very quiet alley. Among all the ancient alleyways, Jiadi Lane has the greatest reputation, with several old houses displaying large plaques, indicating a glorious past. With its weathered and old-fashioned charm, it's perfect for photography. Recommended.

Xingning Lane

Xingning Lane is a small alley parallel to Jiadi Lane to the north. It is one of the ten famous lanes in Chaozhou, and appears to be more peaceful and simple. The only bustling place here is a restaurant called Wu Xiang Ji.
Just walked into West Street, I thought I accidentally stumbled into a Taiwanese movie.

Shantou Old Town & Small Park

The arcade in the old town is the most well-preserved and densely populated in the Shantou area. A small park is built in the old town, with a Zhongshan Memorial Pavilion as the center. Several old streets with European, Asian and Southeast Asian architectural styles are distributed in a fan-shaped radiating pattern (similar to Paris). They bear witness to the commercial prosperity in the history of Shantou.