What hotel should I stay at when going on a vacation to Kangaroo Island in Australia to see the sea?

The main hotels and guesthouses in Nan'ao Island are concentrated in two places, one is Houzai County and the other is Qing'ao Bay. Because Qing'ao Bay has the only beach on the island, which is also one of the best beaches in Guangdong Province, most tourists will choose Qing'ao Bay as their first choice.

Xunhai Holiday Apartment

Located in Qing'ao Bay Bihailan Tian Community, the community is adjacent to Qing'ao Bay. The environment of the community is much better than that of the surrounding area of the guest houses in the village, clean and hygienic, with a European-style garden. Guests can walk directly to the beach along the community path after changing into their swimsuits in their rooms, which only takes a few minutes. It is very convenient to return to the room for a shower after swimming.

Aochen Boutique Apartments

Auschen boutique apartment, similar to the Blue Sea and Blue Sky Hotel Apartment, is relatively high-end. It is also located in the Blue Sea and Blue Sky community and is currently one of the largest hotel apartments in Qing'ao Bay. I have been the store manager at Auschen for a year, so I am quite familiar with the room types. The biggest feature of Auschen Apartment is the wide selection of room types, including some exclusive ones (but in limited quantities).

South Australia Gold Coast Beach Apartments

The beach is right downstairs and every balcony has a sea view. This should be considered the best room in Qing'ao Bay, and of course, it will be the most expensive as well.

Listening to Waves Little Inn & Between Mountains and Sea Inn

Homestays are mainly concentrated in the three villages of Qing'ao Bay. Currently, there are estimated to be over 100 homestays, which are mostly similar with standard rooms. For unique and distinctive small homestays, I recommend Lingtao Xiaozhan and Shanhaijian Guesthouse, both of which are operated by young people from outside the area and focus on service and travel tips. Most of these homestays do not have a sea view, but their prices are much more affordable compared to hotel apartments. Fortunately, the homestays are relatively close to the beach, so many guests can walk to the beach for swimming after changing into their swimsuits in their rooms.

Beachside amusement park hotel/Peninsula Holiday Hotel

Coastal Amusement Park Hotel/Peninsula Holiday Hotel are the two earliest hotels in Qing'ao Bay, with main buildings that are five or six storeys high. The biggest selling point is their proximity to Qing'ao Bay's beach! They have complete facilities, including tea houses, convenience stores, and changing rooms. It probably takes only one or two minutes to walk from the rooms to the beach swimming area.

Xintao Resort/Century Building/Nanhaige

These are some of the more established hotels in the city of Nanao County, with Xintao Sea View Room offering a good view of Qianjiang Bay, while Century Building and Nanhai Attic have higher floors for a wider field of vision.

Golden Beach Sea View Apartment/ The sea view is truly beautiful

There are many real estate properties along the seaside road, most of which will be renovated into hotel apartments. Therefore, there are more options for sea-view rooms in the hinterland, and there are relatively more listings compared to Qing'ao Bay. Many sea-view apartments, represented by Jinshatan Sea-view Apartments/Sea-view Zhen is beautiful apartments, offer good value for money. There are balconies with sea views or rooms with bay windows to enjoy the view of the sea. It's really amazing to look at the sea when the weather is good!

Silk Road Inn/Dalang Dalang Themed Guesthouse

There are several nice homestays in Houzhai County Town, with unique decorations. For example, "Dalong Dalong" has Hello Kitty themed rooms and bunk beds. Although the homestays don't have a sea view, they are affordable and convenient for visiting Qianjiang Bay.