Shunde must-eat food map

This is a city worth a special trip just to eat in. Bring this map with you!

Friends from Wenhua

The restaurant opens late at night and is still so popular that there is a queue. The ingredients are fresh and placed on the table for customers to choose and match themselves. To ensure food quality, the owner usually cooks personally. There are many repeat customers who are satisfied with the delicious food. Recommended dishes: boiled pork liver, pork liver soup, leek and pork liver, leek and pork blood soup, iron plate pork liver, pork offal porridge, pig large intestine, pig kidney, stir-fried vegetables, pig tongue.

Dongcheng Restaurant

Recommended place for Yum Cha, recommended dishes: Char Siu Bao, Soy Sauce Steamed Chicken Feet, Lun Jiao Gao, Seaweed Rolls, Spare Ribs, Lava Buns, Har Gow, Durian Puff, Siu Mai, and Money Bag.

Claypot rice with star anise

The recommended dish is various types of claypot rice. Worth a visit. Rich in color, quite flavorful.

Yumi Pavilion (Daliang branch)

In the green trees and blue bricks, taste Shunde home-cooked dishes while watching the fish play in the water. This place has a similar style to Mum Rice Porridge, but with a wider variety of dishes, including Shunde specialty dishes. Highly recommend the double-cooked mandarin fish, sauna chicken, and sauna fish.

Liáng Guìhuān Cake Shop

Recommendation: Of course it's the Victoria Sponge Cake!

Song Ji Restaurant

The restaurant opened in 1988 and is known far and wide for its good reputation. It specializes in clear water hot pot, focusing on the original flavor of the ingredients without any pickling. The service staff provide full-service and control the cooking temperature of the ingredients. They also serve snake meat here.

Huang Danji

The restaurant has an old-fashioned ambiance, with intricately carved brown wooden doors, giving a sense of stability and elegance. The dishes are made and sold on-site, offering a variety of tea snacks and stir-fried dishes. The signature "Lun Jiao Gao" originated in the Ming Dynasty, it has a sweet and refreshing taste with a rich texture. Here, you can taste the most authentic Chen Village noodles. X sauce Chen Village noodles are stir-fried with xo sauce, the rice noodles are chewy and flavorful, and the taste is excellent.

Obama's Restaurant

The restaurant owner gained fame for bearing a striking resemblance to Obama, nicknamed "Obama Shun." The restaurant specializes in Cantonese cuisine, with a focus on various fish dishes that offer diverse eating styles and rich flavors. Apart from the outstanding fish dishes, the restaurant's other dishes are also remarkable and worth a try.