Recommended Night Market Stalls and Snacks Popularized on Taipei Variety Shows

Speaking of Taiwanese culture, the first thing that comes to mind is night markets! Illuminated by bright lights that can only be seen at night, they gather on the streets in a clustered way, showcasing the creativity and charm of Taiwanese cuisine. In addition to the abundance of food, the brightly colored clothing, accessories, and game vendors make night markets the perfect place for entertainment! From indulging in Taiwanese cuisine to exploring night markets across Taiwan, let's start with a review of Taiwanese night markets.

Lin Ji is also an old-fashioned store, a 15-minute walk from the MRT Shuanglian Station. There are two flavors of mochi ice, peanut and sesame, and you can also choose a mixed flavor. Mochi paired with sweet condensed milk ice is really good!

Sunny Market

The Qingguang Night Market is located in the Qingguang Market on Shuangcheng Street in Taipei. In the morning, it is a market, but at night it is a street where many snacks gather. Many of the stalls have been selling their old flavors for over 30 years. This night market is only known to local people, so if you want to eat like a real foodie, go to the Shuangcheng Qingguang Night Market!

Ah Fu Seafood Congee

Afuhai seafood porridge is also one of the must-try items recommended by many food lovers at the Qingguang Night Market. The seafood porridge is delicious and packed with a variety of ingredients, with fresh seafood as the highlight. They also sell stir-fried sesame oil pig kidneys, pork liver, pork heart, and braised pork.

Fragrant egg

Roasted bird eggs are actually roasted quail eggs. The vendor gently cracks open the small eggs and skillfully fries them on a neatly arranged iron plate. Once they sizzle, the bird eggs are flipped one by one and skewered with bamboo sticks. Adding some pepper and salt powder enhances the flavor. Why should one start with roasted bird eggs when strolling through the night market? Besides being delicious, snacks like roasted bird eggs are the most convenient. They are tasty without making one feel too full. Most importantly, having delicious food in hand can bring a sense of calmness and allow one to calmly search for more food.

Fried egg oyster

Usually, the stands selling oyster omelets are not limited to just that and also sell other street foods such as noodles. The choices can be quite diverse, ranging from plain omelets to those with fresh ingredients such as oysters, shrimp, crab meat, or squid. Oyster omelets vary slightly in their preparation across regions such as Chaozhou, Minnan, and Hong Kong. In Taiwan, oyster omelets are often served with condiments such as soy sauce, sweet sauce, or sweet and spicy sauce, with some also prepared with douban sauce, resulting in a rich and slightly sweet flavor. Made with free-range chicken eggs, Taiwan's oyster omelets incorporate the fresh and sweet taste of eggs perfectly into the dish, making it quite savory. Lai Ji in the Ningxia Night Market is famous for their "chicken egg oyster omelets," and the Penguin can eat up to five servings at a time!

Hongchangji Natural Red Tofu Pig Blood Decoction

Many night markets are famous for their pig blood soup, which is usually served with pickled vegetables and shredded ginger, and has the effect of clearing the lungs. Familiar with the way of eating at night markets, seasoned food lovers like to have a bowl of pig blood soup for a rest after their main meal.

Fried peanut soup

If it's winter, why not try a bowl of peanut tofu soup, red bean sweet soup dumplings, or... peanut soup with fried dough sticks. The peanut soup with fried dough sticks at Taipei Raohe Street Night Market is a unique dessert in the night market. Some people like to soak the fried dough sticks in the peanut soup, and the penguin likes to dip them in the soup. When the fried dough sticks enter the mouth, they are both sweet and fragrant with peanut soup, and crispy with a hint of pan scent.

Xianghe Mango Milk Ice

There are more choices in summer, such as the fruit ice at Raohe Night Market and the renowned ice cream shop at Shilin Night Market. However, my favorite is the "mango milk ice", which combines tangy mango with condensed milk and fluffy snowflake ice, creating a perfect harmony that feels like a prosperous era.

Bean Flower Sister-in-law in Yansan Night Market

Of course, several old-fashioned shops in the Greater Taipei area are also good choices, such as the beancurd of Yansan Night Market and the Longtan beancurd next to Gongguan Night Market, which are always crowded with people during the summer.
Of course, several well-known traditional soybean curd shops in the Greater Taipei area are also good choices, such as the soybean curd from Yan San Night Market and the Longtan Soybean Curd next to the Gongguan Night Market. They are crowded with people in the summer.
Rahe Street Night Market is the stronghold of squid and medicinal cuisine. The most common is hot squid, just pour a bowl, shake the sauce evenly, and you can eat it while walking with bamboo skewers. If you see a long line of people on the arcade on the south side of Rahe Street, it must be the King of Kaga Squid

Jurassic Squid and Beer Snail Store

Jurassic is a popular tavern that sells squid with sauce, beer snails, and squid head with sauce. The squid sauce here is very unique, with a spicy and salty flavor to complement the drinks. The squid or squid head is best paired with the Taiwanese sorghum or beer sold in the restaurant. The squid is blanched and then stir-fried, and the sauce also contains a mix of nuts, making the flavor even more rich and robust.

Seafood soup with four flavors

"The "Four Flavors" refers to squid, cuttlefish, oysters, and shrimp. They can be ordered separately or as a mixed soup. The combination of these four types of seafood in a soup is already unique, and this seafood is particularly fresh. Oysters are especially plump during the abundant spring season. The cuttlefish deserves special mention as it is cooked to perfection, with a satisfying chewiness that is incredibly appealing."

Shi Bo's Spicy Stinky Tofu

Spicy stinky tofu is also worth a try, available in small, medium, large, and extra spicy. It can be paired with duck blood and large intestines. When eating the extra spicy level, the aroma and freshness of the soup are fully brought out, making the flavor of the intestines and duck blood even more abundant. If you love spicy food, why not try the "spice" in Taiwan and see how it differs from Sichuan and Hunan cuisine?

Lianjiaqing stewed pork feet

The pork trotter glass noodles soup at Lianjia is very rich, but unfortunately the performance of the glass noodles and pork trotter is average. What's worth trying is the garlic pork belly, which uses lean meat instead of the usual pork belly. It has a great chewy texture and because the meat is cut into large pieces, it's perfect for takeaway and eating on the go.

Ma Bing ice house

Strolling through the night market, of course, you have to end with a bowl of ice. Ma Mu Bing Guan is well-known in the dessert industry at Raohe Street Night Market. The mango ice with condensed milk has a strong sweetness, but unfortunately, the mango is only average. Another popular dish is the "Emperor Bing," which is quite satisfying with its large serving size.
The most famous corner of the intersection is "A-Po Rice Balls", which has been open for nearly 30 years. The original A-Po has long since retired and passed the business to the next generation. The youtiao of A-Po Rice Balls is made in the most traditional way, with pickled radishes, pickled cabbage, and dried fish floss, without any special fillings. This method is difficult to master, as a wrong proportion of fillings can ruin the taste.

Yatou Zheng Second Generation Pork Rice

The small stall does not sell duck heads, but is famous for its red meat curry rice and egg stuffed bitter gourd with pork soup. The red meat in the curry rice is quite chewy, but there is no need to specifically try it. What is truly amazing is their egg stuffed bitter gourd with pork soup.

Cai Jiayi Turkey Rice

Cai Ji Jiayi Chicken, located in the middle section of the night market, is well-known for its delicious chicken. The turkey meat is tender and elastic, demonstrating the skill of the chef. After all, turkey meat can easily become dry, so some vendors will pour a lot of chicken oil on top. However, Cai Ji relies solely on the texture of the meat itself, which is firmer and more elastic than regular chicken meat, without being too tough. The sauce adds the perfect finishing touch.

Fried taro balls with Liu taro

Located in the middle of the night market, they sell crispy taro balls and salted egg yolk taro cakes. The taro balls are sweet while the salted egg yolk balls are savory, meeting various dessert demands. The taro balls from this shop are fried to perfection, not greasy at all, but Anser prefers the salted egg yolk taro cakes. The savory taste of the egg yolk and the sweet flavor of the taro blend together surprisingly well, creating a rich and delightful taste experience.
Douhua is definitely a representative of Ningxia night market. The most famous ones here are Guzao Wei Douhua and Douhua Zhuang, but Douhua Zhuang is not in the night market, it's on a different street. If you have been jostled in the crowd for a long time, why not turn here and take a break.

Yan three night market

Yansan refers to Yanchang North Road Section 3, which is the longest road in Taipei, passing through the old town area of Taipei and traversing the Shezi Island with many delicious food options along the way. Taipei Bridge has many stories from the past, while the south leads to the Dadaocheng Pier, which used to be a gathering place for cotton and rice merchants. Today, the lights of Taipei Bridge still shine brightly with several longtime stalls still in operation, preserving the taste, smell and warmth of old Taipei.

Qiaotou Lu Meat Rice

Lu Rou Fan is ubiquitous in Taiwan, and the reason why Qiáotóu Lǔ Ròu Fàn stands out is largely due to the owner's skilled knife work. The braised pork here is all cut by hand, with the right balance of fat and lean, and each piece of minced braised pork is sliced evenly and delicately, which is the key to its delicious taste.
Shi Family Fresh Meat Glutinous Rice Balls are a beloved shop among nearby residents. The signature fresh meat glutinous rice balls are all handmade by the shop owner, from selecting the rice to stuffing the filling. The outer shell has a satisfying chewiness, thanks to the owner's careful selection of winter glutinous rice and thorough dehydration. The filling is made from black pig hind leg meat mixed with various spices and scallion oil, with a taste leaning towards traditional Hakka cuisine. The scallion aroma blends perfectly with the tender filling and glutinous rice shell, creating a delightful combination.
Next to the Shijia Fresh Meat Glutinous Rice Ball Shop, there is a shop called Shanwei Douhua that is also always crowded. In addition to the traditional douhua, they also sell ice desserts in the summer. The shaved ice comes with pineapple, red bean, white fungus, peanuts, and other toppings, and is sweetened with traditional black sugar syrup, giving it a deep, sweet aroma and a lingering aftertaste that is quite charming.

Achuan Grasshopper's Surface Line

Oyster vermicelli usually has three choices: oyster, large intestine, or comprehensive. If you want to have both kinds of ingredients at once, you can choose comprehensive oyster vermicelli. The key to delicious oyster vermicelli is freshness. The A-Chuan oyster vermicelli at Ningxia Night Market is famous for its fresh and sweet oysters and large quantity. The vermicelli is cooked in a thick soup base made from pork bones, dried anchovies, and chicken powder, and then added with oysters and pre-cooked large intestine, which is savory and deliciously salty.