What Hot Springs Near Taipei Are Worth Recommending? Relax and Soak in the Slow Life

When it comes to Taipei, instead of rushing from one tourist attraction to the next, I hope you can immerse yourself in the slow-paced life here. Spend an afternoon reading at Eslite Bookstore, search for small and beautiful shops hidden in the alleys of Zhongxiao East Road, or relax in the hot springs of Beitou. Yes, that's right, you can't leave Beitou without soaking in the hot springs! It only takes a 30-minute MRT ride to start your happy journey of soaking in hot springs and passing time. Whether it's a public hot spring, an independent hot spring house, sulfur spring, weak alkaline spring, or carbonated spring, Beitou, a hot spring concentration area, can satisfy your desires.

Millenium Hot Springs

The most famous attraction in Beitou is its hot springs. It was one of the four major hot springs in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period, and Millennium Hot Springs is a public outdoor hot spring with 6 pools (4 hot and 2 cold). As it is a mixed-gender public bath, swimsuits are required (can be purchased on site). It is suitable for budget-conscious travelers and can be reached by a 30-minute MRT ride and a low price of a few dozen New Taiwan dollars to soak in warm hot spring water.

Beitou lixi hot spring

The only five-star hotel in Beitou District is located in the hot spring area of Beitou, with convenient public transportation. It was designed by Li Zuyuan, the famous architect who also designed Taipei 101. The resort hotel has a wooden interior and surrounded by natural cypress trees, and it offers an outdoor swimming pool and spa.
Located in the hot spring area of Beitou in Taipei, 32Villa is considered the top private hot spring club in Taiwan. The accommodation is expensive, but it's still worth it to experience soaking in the hot springs and enjoy a meal. There are both public hot spring pools and private hot spring houses, with only 5 rooms available for the private houses. The public pools are outdoors. Regardless of which option, the number of guests accommodated each day is limited, so even in the public pools, you won't see people eating dumplings in the hot springs.
Wulai Hot Springs mostly flow from between the rocks in a stream. The water is clean and clear, and can even be consumed directly. It has a natural weak alkalinity and good therapeutic effects. In addition to its health benefits, at Fulongdo Hot Springs, the unique floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to enjoy the lush forests and rolling mountains. What could be happier than soaking here to pass the time?

Hot springs and rivers soak in water

Yangmingshan National Park is located in a region with volcanic soil, allowing for picturesque views throughout the four seasons. Additionally, the park boasts unique natural hot springs, which provide an opportunity for visitors to relax and indulge in the stunning beauty of the park's blooming flowers while breathing in clean, fresh air. Taking some time to decompress during a packed travel itinerary can definitely help to bring clarity to the mind and body.