A Guide to Exploring Taiwan's Beef Noodle Soup in Every Corner of Taipei

Beef noodle soup, originally a dish that Taiwanese soldiers in military dependents' villages reminisced about their hometown, has become a beloved national dish in Taiwan. Various beef noodle soup competitions are held regularly, and each beef noodle shop has its own unique soup base and characteristics. The perfect combination of chewy beef tendons and meat, flavorful broth, and collagen-rich protein make this dish a must-try delicacy in Taiwan.

Lin Dongfang's beef noodles recently moved to Andong Street. From the old small iron house to the new store, the seating area is much more comfortable. With two floors, the crowd has not diminished after the relocation. Many people can still be seen queuing up late at night. The soup is rich and has a medicinal taste, with several large pieces of beef on the noodles. The gelatin is evenly distributed on each piece of beef and melts in your mouth. The lean meat is soaked in the beef soup, and it is recommended to soak the dried flowers in the beef essence when eating, which is very delicious.
Yongkang beef noodles are also a favorite of tourists in Taiwan. It is not easy to stand out in the highly competitive culinary scene. The clear stewed broth appears to be clear but has a heavy and savory flavor. The braised flavor has a slight spiciness, and the top layer of red oil enhances the fragrance. It also features tender beef chunks with a high collagen content. The noodles are thin, making them easier to chew.

Master hong beef noodles

The Changsheng Army at the Taipei International Beef Noodle Festival is a reason for foodies to revisit, thanks to its rich and slow-cooked soup and melt-in-your-mouth beef brisket. The soup comes in a variety of flavors, such as the braised, clear, and spicy, and has a clear texture with a hint of herbal fragrance. The ingredients are fresh, and the soup is made with real bones and high-quality beef, ensuring that it's truly authentic. The top-grade beef tendon is chewy and juicy, and is also rich in collagen, making it beneficial for beauty and health. The large chunks of beef make it a truly satisfying meal.
Located in the alleyways near Taipei Train Station, the dining environment of this old restaurant may appear outdated, with only three small tables. However, the walls are filled with certificates and plaques. The braised and clear stewed beef noodles are equally famous. Since 1951, the restaurant has been following the original recipe from Shandong, their hometown, with a meticulous method of boiling the soup using beef bones. It involves mixing two pots of beef bone broth with different concentrations and simmering overnight. The soup is rich in flavor but not greasy, leaving a lingering beef aroma after finishing the meal.

Duan Zhenzhen Beef Noodles

The spicy oil on top of the braised soup base adds a lot of aroma and you can still see the clear soup. People who like spicy food can choose the braised Sichuan pepper flavor. The beef chunks that are soaked in the braised essence are as tender as steak with a chewy texture that is unforgettable! Additionally, there are pickled vegetables and condiments on the table that you can adjust according to your preferences. Numerous online influencers are also crazily checking in on Instagram! Even singer Jam Hsiao live streamed himself having noodles at the restaurant! The restaurant's antique decor provides a comfortable dining environment and atmosphere for patrons. In addition to the hearty noodles and rich soup, the restaurant's special spicy sauce is also a must-try.