Wuhai City Central Hotel Selection

Wuhai City is an emerging industrial city in the western part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, at the junction of North China and Northwest China. It is also the junction of the "Ningxia-Mongolia-Shaanxi-Gansu" economic zone and the central area of the Yellow River Economic Belt. Can you please recommend a selected hotel in the city center?

Wuhai Yifeng International Hotel

Hotel location is convenient, in the city center. The environment is good, and the surroundings are quiet. The hotel lobby has many motorcycles collected by the owner. The rooms are especially clean and the beds are comfortable. The price is reasonable, and the cost performance is relatively high.

Wuhai Xinrun Express Hotel

The hotel is located in the central business district, not far from the train station and bus station. It is very convenient for transportation, shopping, and dining. The service attitude of the staff is excellent, and the rooms are clean and tidy. It is an ideal place to stay for traveling.

Wuhai Hotel

Wuhai's most well-known hotel. The hotel has a great location, situated in the busy commercial district of the city center, making shopping and dining very convenient. The rooms are clean and equipped with complete facilities, making it the preferred choice for business travelers.

Star Journey Hotel (Wuhai Xinhua Street Branch)

Located in the city center, it is surrounded by complete facilities. There is a shopping mall just a right turn away, making it very convenient for eating, shopping, and watching movies. There is also a ramen restaurant on the right. The staff provides excellent service, and the rooms are spacious, bright, and very comfortable. There is free coffee available in the lobby, and laundry service is also provided for free.

Wuhai Guangtai Hotel

The hotel has a good location, close to the city center and surrounded by many dining options. There is a beautiful campus across the street. The rooms are spacious and bright, with wifi and clean sanitation. The staff has a good attitude and it offers good value for money.