Taiwanese Food Bucket List: Authentic Braised Pork Rice You Must Try

Braised pork rice, also known as minced pork rice in southern Taiwan, is typically made with diced pork belly, egg, shiitake mushrooms, onions, and other ingredients. The pork is slowly cooked in soy sauce and poured over rice, making for a visually pleasing dish. The flavor is savory and sweet without being greasy. Authentic Taiwanese-style braised pork rice is often served with a pickled vegetable side dish. The fatty and flavorful pork belly and minced pork are cooked together with the sauce, resulting in a dish that is beloved by Taiwanese people and considered one of the country's national snacks. This delicious flavor is not only enjoyed by locals but also by tourists who visit Taiwan. Although the following recommendations are not located near tourist attractions, they are still highly recommended by many travel shows.


Want to try some authentic Taiwanese street food, but have to wait in a long queue? That's right, this old shop located near Beitou Station requires you to wait. Ah Zai Cai Braised Pork Rice is hidden deep inside Beitou Market, making it relatively difficult to find. However, its popularity is known to everyone in the area, so as long as you ask around in the market, you will immediately find Ah Zai Cai Braised Pork Rice! Don't be fooled by its small size, this is the local braised pork rice that has been featured in various food programs.
The Golden Fairy braised pork rice has a great reputation. Chinese rap mentor, Wilber Pan, highly recommends it and many foodies can't stop praising it. The shrimp rolls and ribs in the restaurant are all traditional and nostalgic flavors. The restaurant has a spacious seating area, but there are still many diners during meal times. The braised pork is the highlight of the Golden Fairy braised pork rice. The aroma of the braising sauce is irresistible to foodies. With each bite, the fat in the pork melts in your mouth, and when paired with white rice, it leaves a delicious aftertaste.
This shop has been featured many times on the popular travel show "Food Adventurer". It is an old shop that has been around for decades, hidden in a small alley. The storefront is also quite small, but it continues to attract a steady stream of customers. It is common to share a table with other food connoisseurs. The walls of the shop are covered with many photos of celebrities and the shop owner. The braised pork rice at the Shi family is traditional, with a mix of fatty and lean pork placed on top of rice soaked in meat sauce. The oily and flavorful braised pork easily preserves its aroma. When paired with pickled cucumbers, it is difficult to stop eating after just one bite.
This restaurant, called Jin Da Lu Rou Fan, is also one of the popular places with long lines during mealtime. Customers must order first before finding a seat. As more and more foodies arrive during regular meal times, turnover is also increasing. The pork in the Lu Rou Fan is fatty, but the sauce is flavorful, and the restaurant generously serves plenty of meat. The gelatinous texture melts into the white rice well, making your mouth glossy and oily after eating. The Braised Cabbage is a must-try side dish. Slow-braised with small shrimp accents, the dish does not overpower the natural sweetness of the cabbage or become too greasy. It is impressive that the Pork Rib Soup at this restaurant is very affordable at only about 11 RMB (around 50 NT dollars). You get a bowl of bitter melon and pork rib soup, and the small price tag does not mean a lack of quality.