Roasted meat with the fragrance of Urumqi permeates the air

The lamb meat made by the people in Xinjiang is famous for being delicious, with a smooth and tender texture and no gamey taste. Eating it not only satisfies the taste buds but also doesn't cause concerns about getting heatiness. Stir-fried and barbecued lamb is an authentic Xinjiang dish, with a strong flavor of the cuisine from the western regions.

Mirajee Friendly Store

Urumqi City, Shayibake District, Kelamayi Dong Street, North Lane No.176. Recommended dishes: roasted buns, roasted whole lamb, stretched noodles, naan, thin-skinned buns, cold noodles, etc. You can taste authentic Xinjiang cuisine while enjoying song and dance performances.

Apple's father-themed music restaurant

No. 38 Renmin Road, New Hongxin Mansion, 5th floor (east end of Renmin Road viaduct). Cost-effective restaurant, low price and delicious, fast serving speed.

Jiangmaier Xin La Huang Mian Barbecue (Mingyuan flagship store)

Recommended dishes: Xinla yellow noodles, Mulei roasted whole lamb, Xinla yellow noodles are very chewy with rich broth, and the roasted meat is fresh and flavorful.

Hetian Rose barbecue

Recommended dishes: roasted buns, grilled skewers, etc. Eating barbecue under the big tree in the courtyard, substantial portions, full of happiness.

Baoshan NO.1

No. 187 Baoshan Road, recommended dishes: Naan roasted pork, Naan skewers, etc. The grilled lamb chops are generous in portion and the meat is tender and fresh.

Navas Xinjiang Restaurant (Yindu Branch)

Located on the 1st floor of Zunmao Yindu Hotel in Xinjiang, recommended dishes include roasted dumplings, Hongliu grilled meat, yogurt, etc. It has a strong Kazakh style, with tender grilled lamb leg and delicious dipping sauces.