A showcase of Xinjiang specialty snacks

After years of development, Xinjiang's specialty snacks have become an indispensable part of the food culture, taking you into a diverse world of snacks.

Kaidi Rui Grabs Rice (Hotan Street Branch)

Kaidirui is a famous chain store in Urumqi, specializing in fragrant rice dishes cooked in small pots.

Halal Jinhuyang small pot pilaf

Recommended dishes: lamb pilaf, yogurt, lamb chop pilaf, soda, etc. The rice grains are plump and chewy with tender and juicy lamb.

Xiloulan captures rice

Recommended dishes: pork chop rice, lamb chop rice, lamb rice, side dishes, etc. The meat is tender and flavorful, and the rice is golden and appetizing.

Abula's naan bread

Recommended dishes: Sesame pockets, Xinjiang Nang King, Pine nut pockets, and more. Grilled nang with various flavors and textures, a unique snack.


No. 433 Unity Road (opposite to the primary school), their house is very close to the bazaar, and the side dishes for the rice are delicious. The rice is fragrant, the meat is tender, and the prices are reasonable. Recommended dishes: shredded meat rice, lamb skewers, etc.

Beef Palace Meatball Soup (No. 1 Street Main Branch)

Recommended dishes: Niugongguan meatball soup, Jiasaha lamb, modern cuisine with ethnic characteristics, flavorful and rich meatballs with refreshing texture.