The most beautiful ancient town to visit around Chongqing

Everyone knows that Chongqing is a mountainous city. Friends who come to Chongqing are here to experience the magical city. Chongqing not only has delicious food, lively and beautiful women, but also ancient town landscapes that make people linger and forget to return. If you are also nostalgic about ancient towns, you might as well go to these ancient towns to experience the simple years and peaceful and harmonious Ba-Yu style.

Baisha Ancient Town: Important Cultural Town in Eastern Sichuan

Features: Han Tombs, Baisha Film and Television Base, Baisha Ancient Town with a view of the Yangtze River in the north and backed by mountains, retaining numerous traditional dwellings from the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China, as well as some temples and Western-style buildings. The bluestone pavement winds and turns, revealing hidden charms in the alleys. Featured cuisine: Chrysanthemum hot pot, candied lotus root balls, mung bean balls, Baisha distilled liquor.

Wanling Ancient Town: China's first immigrant waterside town

Features: The street market is built against the mountains, layered and stacked, and is known as the "small mountain city". It is one of the first batch of historical and cultural famous towns named in Chongqing. After thousands of years of wind and rain, the ancient town still retains its unique style. Song Dynasty Qianfo Grottoes, Eastern Han Rock Tomb Group, Ming and Qing Ancient Bridges and Temples, Martyrs' Former Residence, Four Major Stockades, Old Pier, Immigration Culture, Teahouse Culture, and Ancient Stone Steps of the Ancient Road. Special local food: Pugai Noodles, Qingjiang Dougu Fish, Rongchang Braised Goose, Pig Oil Soaked Cake, Fried Chuanzi Fish.

Ancient City of Anju: Serene scenery and picturesque views

Features: The "Eight Scenic Spots of Anju" and the "Nine Palaces and Eighteen Temples" are well-known. Anju ancient town is surrounded by mountains and water, featuring a harmonious arrangement of ancient town architecture and historical relics. It offers picturesque landscapes and traditional customs such as dragon boat racing and folk colored embroidery. Notable local cuisine includes golden sand mutton and nailfish dishes.

Laitan Ancient Town: Years of Riverside Ancient Town

Features: Wengcheng, The Eight Sceneries of Laitan, ancient temple complexes, Southern Song stone carvings in Erfo Temple, the ancient town is located along the Qu River, beautiful natural scenery, Ming and Qing dynasties' residential buildings are scattered, old streets and alleys are rustic and elegant, the well-preserved Wengcheng, built during the Qing Dynasty, is unique in Chongqing. Special local dishes: Qu River fish, local chicken, and you can also try the local rice wine.

Longtan Ancient Town: Stone-paved streets where time travels

Features: The ancient buildings in the ancient town are distributed in a long shape from south to north, and many of the foundation steps are finely carved with stone bars. The famous ancient buildings include Yuwang Palace, Wanshou Palace, and more. The most famous are the former residence of Zhao Shiyan, the Yuyang Middle School (Longtan Middle School) depicted by Ding Ling's pen, and the former residence of "Mengke" (Wang Jianhong), a good friend. Local specialties include Xiushan yellow flowers, pine flower century eggs, etc.

Ciqikou Ancient Town: One river, two streams, three mountains, and four streets

Features: Ciqikou Ancient Town has 12 streets, mostly with buildings in the style of Ming and Qing dynasties. The streets are paved with stone slabs, and there are many shops along the street. Ciqikou is famous for "Three Treasures" (mao xue wang, hui qian zhang pi, jiao yan hua sheng) and "Three Delights" (temples, famous people's footprints, tea houses, such as Baolun Temple, Yunding Temple, etc.). The hustle and bustle of the world in the ancient town has filled Ciqikou with vicissitudes, and now it is like a natural landscape, quietly existing, waiting for you to come. Featured foods: Mongolian lamb skewers, stinky tofu, mao xue wang, guoba yangyu, chen mahua, Jiangjin rice candy, Hechuan peach slices, Zhang duck roasted duck, etc.

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