The 7 hidden cafes in Changsha are all picturesque places to take photos

Coffee is a habit. Many coffee lovers visiting a new city can't escape the temptation of trying out a few shops to satisfy their cravings! Here are a few recommended places that not only have great coffee, but also reflect the unique style of their owners.

Blackstone Cafe

Japanese fresh style, vintage items combined with wooden structures, giving people a warm feeling.

Offshore café

Internet-famous coffee shop with strong artistic atmosphere, attracts many photographers.

A cup of coffee

Internet celebrities must check-in, with a focus on cool tones that are still warming.

Be Lived specialty coffee

Coffee shop under the Ferris wheel, you can drink coffee that suits your taste.

Full of sunshine, green plants, and lake blue, it feels like being in Gulangyu.

Time Dust Café (Taipingli Branch)

Tall and short tables and chairs, unique small ornaments, give people a sense of time accumulation. Vintage decoration, a cup of coffee relaxes and enjoys the time.

Don't have COFFEE

Mainly in blue, white, and gray tones, with large floor-to-ceiling windows for bright natural light.