Not spicy enough! Inventory of the top 9 Hunan cuisine restaurants in Changsha

Here are nine must-try Xiang cuisine restaurants in Changsha, all of which are frequented by locals. The flavors are guaranteed, come and see if they suit your taste.

Cooked Smoke Era Stir-fried Beef (May 1st Washington Store)

Recommended by locals, this restaurant allows you to watch live streaming of chefs cooking. It is a popular chain of Hunan cuisine with spacious and bright environment. LCD TVs are hung on the walls, live streaming the kitchen activities and showing the entire cooking process. The dishes served in the restaurant are excellent and authentically flavored. The jumping fish, taro ribs, pounded chili eggplant, and other dishes are worth trying. The prices are reasonable and the service is friendly.

Jade Tower East (Wuyi Road branch)

Origin of Hunan cuisine, known as the "Whampoa Military Academy" of Hunan cuisine.

Great Bowl Kitchen (Dongfeng Road branch)

Authentic Hunan cuisine has a high cost-performance ratio, with warm service and affordable prices. Da Wan Chu is a representative of affordable and high-quality Hunan cuisine in Changsha, and many of their dishes are popular among customers. Their signature braised pork knuckle is made with selected fresh pork knuckle, simmered in a pot, and sprinkled with scallions after being cooked. It has a fragrant aroma and tender texture, and is very flavorful. As for the large pot cauliflower, as the name suggests, it is a large portion of cauliflower stir-fried with red chili peppers, deliciously spicy and tasty.

Old street stove making

A popular destination for returning customers over the years, offering a taste of the local life in Changsha.

Old Heaven Rich Restaurant

There is an old well in the shop that shares the same origin as Baishajing and offers authentic Hunan cuisine.

Iron Fat Restaurant

Typical Changsha flavor, all dishes are very appetizing.

Juana Restaurant (Wenyun Street branch)

The boss lady will recommend an appropriate portion based on the number of people. A highly renowned authentic Hunan cuisine restaurant, the iron plate goose meat is a must-try.

Worldwide customers

The most authentic home-style Hunan cuisine, a must-try is shredded squid with sliced pork.

57 degrees xiang

The innovative combination of Hunan cuisine and teppanyaki, chefs demonstrating the cooking process up close. 57℃ Xiang Furong Restaurant, a restaurant specializing in teppanyaki Hunan cuisine; one of the signature dishes is steamed egg with flying fish roe.