Exploring Hunan: Recommended accommodation in Fenghuang and Zhangjiajie

What is the level of consumption in Hunan travel? What are the recommended accommodations? What do you need to pay attention to? I will list them for you.

Xiaoyuan Hotel, Changsha

Less than 300 for one night, the accommodation meets the standard of a normal chain hotel, relatively clean, with a small window. The facilities are complete and it is located near the main entrance of Changsha Train Station.

Rest stop along the way

Riverside stilt building with amazing views. A bit hard to find on a small street, but the innkeeper can pick us up. Convenient location near Hongqiao, easy access to anywhere, and there's a breakfast shop nearby.

Jing Shui Hua Jian Guesthouse

The tea room is designed in a minimalist style, with wooden tatami mats and concrete walls. It is clean and has a good design sense. There are trees and streets outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the soundproofing is good. It is only five minutes away from the national forest park and there are many local snacks nearby.