Collection | A comprehensive guide to the best autumn destinations in Hunan and Hubei provinces

The scorching heat is being swept away while cool autumn starts to show. Where and when can we go to enjoy the autumn? Here are recommended autumn destinations in Hunan and Hubei!

Enjoy the Ginkgo first, then enjoy the maple at Mount Yuelu

In early autumn, the leaves of Yuelu Mountain gradually change color, but they have not yet turned red like every mountain. Maple leaves won't turn completely red until the end of November. However, because of this, the leaves gradually change and show various colors. Looking from a distance, the colorful scenery is truly breathtaking. The maple leaves on Yuelu Mountain turn red late, so visitors can enjoy the gingko trees first. The gingko trees near Yuelu Academy are particularly stunning, standing gracefully and swaying with a golden hue, adding to the elegance and leisurely atmosphere of this millennium-old academy.

Shiyan Lake Scenic Area

Shiyan Lake is a scenic spot with beautiful lake and mountains, perfect for boating and enjoying the scenery in autumn. Walking on the Sky Corridor, one can experience the feeling of walking on air and admire the breathtaking autumn scenery. The cool and refreshing weather in autumn is also ideal for team building and outdoor activities. Shiyan Lake is well-known for its development and training programs, making it a great choice for a team building event during this season.

Shiniuzhai Danxia Landform

Autumn comes to Shiniuzhai, overlooking a ten-mile cliff, to enjoy the magnificent hundred-mile Danxia, especially spectacular. Shiniuzhai has the first glass bridge in China. Walking on it, you can see the layers of forests gradually dyed, and the white Danxia complement each other, majestic and magnificent. Near the glass bridge, there is also a newly launched cliff swing this year. Swinging in the wind, with a bottomless abyss beneath your feet, it is thrilling.

Enshi enjoys a splendid grand canyon

In autumn, come to the Enshi Grand Canyon to see the colors of autumn on the mountains, spreading throughout the canyon, it is incredibly beautiful. The Enshi Grand Canyon has diverse mountain formations, with the most special scenery being the karst landforms. The karst landforms here combine steep cliffs and peaks, making it rich and unique. I recommend the five wonders: Qingjiang ascending white clouds, cliffs surrounded by peaks, a group of sky bridges connected to caves, cracks in the ground with flying waterfalls, and underground rivers accompanying sinkholes.

Appreciate the Chinese Pistache tree

To appreciate the Chinese parasol trees, one must visit Dawu County, known as the "Hometown of Chinese Parasol Trees." Dawu County is covered with Chinese parasol trees, and in late autumn, these trees sway in the wind, creating waves of gradually changing yellow and red colors, which is stunningly beautiful. The recommended places in Dawu County to appreciate Chinese parasol trees are Liuji, Sigu, Xiadian, Xincheng, Pengdian, and Gaodian.

Xianning Pin Guixiang

Autumn is also the season of fragrant osmanthus. Xianning is the only "Hometown of Chinese Osmanthus" named by the National Forestry Ministry. Walking through the osmanthus forest, you can see more than 30 varieties of osmanthus blooming, with a rich and sweet aroma. The air is filled with a lingering sweetness, making it hard to leave. The best place to admire osmanthus in Xianning is the Osmanthus Source on Qianshan.

Hubei Suizhou to see ginkgo trees

If you want to see the most gorgeous ginkgo trees, I recommend the Thousand-Year Ginkgo Valley in Suizhou, China. The ginkgo trees here form a golden sea, vivid and captivating like an oil painting. Here, you can see the most concentrated ancient ginkgo tree community of 3000 years, which adds infinite charm after the test of time.