Beijing is an extremely popular spot for internet celebrities to take photos and provides a feast for your taste buds!

Can't the authentic Beijing cuisine still satisfy your appetite? That's right, not only delicious, but we also want to discover another side of Beijing in a beautiful internet-famous place!

Meeting someone

The restaurant is relatively easy to find, located in a beautiful alley called "Yangmei Bamboo Slope Street". The starry sky corridor here is a popular photo spot for many influencers, and many fairy-like girls come here because of the starry sky corridor! The dark corridors on both sides are lined with black floor mirrors, and numerous optical fibers hang down from the roof. The inside and outside of the mirrors are connected, presenting a beautiful picture, like falling stars and fireworks scattered in the sky.


A super beautiful restaurant hidden in the alley, an Instagram-worthy Sichuan restaurant! Love the "cool and sophisticated" style, which conveys a high-end feeling. Creates a strong contrast between the spicy flavors of Sichuan cuisine and the ambient environment.

WALA Spicy Frog Hot Pot

Sanlitun, located in the capital city, is a popular gathering place for internet celebrities. This restaurant can be said to have ignited the "hot pot scene" in the capital, bringing a perfect combination of dining and photography. The high level of sophistication in enjoying hot pot here completely subverts the perception of traditional hot pot restaurants. As soon as you enter the door, a huge moon catches your eye, followed by a starry environment that creates a sense of depth. Even the plates are designed like a starry sky, making every bite under the starry sky a romantic experience.

Tomacado Flower Kitchen

When flowers meet food, Flower Kitchen satisfies all the interpretations of beauty for little fairies. The iconic rose wall is the first choice for taking pictures, giving you a romantic feeling of being in a sea of flowers. Every detail in the restaurant is related to flowers, even every dish and dessert is garnished with edible seasonal flowers. Highly recommended is the herb-roasted three-yellow chicken, with crispy skin and tender, juicy meat paired with a sauce to refresh your palate! The water at Flower Kitchen is the favorite of the customers and is almost a must-order drink at every table. It is very refreshing and delicious when paired with lemon, rose, and mint as ingredients.

Four squares and three rivers

When it comes to hot air balloon restaurants, I think everyone will definitely think of Sifang Sanchuan in Sanlitun, which is extremely popular. As a representative of Sichuan cuisine, it not only has a high level of aesthetics, but is also a popular place for taking photos. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you can see ethereal hot air balloons. The warm-colored hot air balloons emit gentle lights, giving people a sense of security and a desire to travel afar. Especially recommended: Sanchuan green pepper fish, the spicy and sour fish has a tender and flavorful taste.


A glass house dessert shop hidden in the alleys of Sanlitun, it is believed that this shop has captured 90% of the attention in the circle of young girls. The appearance of TIENSTIENS is very eye-catching, a two-story white glass house full of youthful vitality; there is also an open-air greenery on the second floor, truly a unique scenery here! This minimalist theme effortlessly creates a big impact.

Brew tea when the kettle is on

Tea-making time in the courtyard, hidden in the depths of the hutong, exudes a tranquil atmosphere. Every corner is a perfect spot for photography, and the clean displays are ideal for capturing beautiful photos.

Berko French cake

In this gathering place of internet-famous shops, it is very difficult to not be overshadowed by other shops and maintain its own popularity! The pink and cute shop has captured the hearts of many fairies, making it an absolute great place for taking photos.