Beijing braised intestines aren't tasty? That's because you haven't tried these 6 places

Never having eaten Lu Zhu, one cannot truly understand the life of a Beijing person. It is a favorite dish of old Beijing locals, carrying countless childhood memories. With its unique flavor, it perfectly embodies the simplicity and boldness of Beijing cuisine. Here are six places to try it, you can't go wrong with any of them!

Door Frame Hutong Centennial Braised Food (Xinjiekou Branch)

A hundred-year-old braised snack shop, big and plentiful bowls, superb skills in making knife-fried buns. The braised snacks and knife-fried buns here are fully cooked in a large pot, and the sausages, lungs, dried tofu, and knife-fried buns are neatly arranged. The dumplings soaked in the broth below look tempting and authentic; the lamb offal soup is fresh, the deep-fried intestines are crispy outside and soft inside, without any off flavors, and the garlic sauce is moderately salty and spicy. A bottle of ice-cold Beibingyang is the perfect accompaniment.

Beixinqiao Braised Pork Shop

The most famous Lu Zhuo shop in Beijing, loved by old Beijing people. Lu Zhuo Huo Shao is a famous snack in Beijing. It is cooked by stewing pig intestines and pig lungs together with Huo Shao (a type of bread). Served with garlic sauce, chili oil, fermented bean curd, and chive flowers, it is a popular winter night snack loved by old Beijingers. The Lu Zhuo Old Shop in Bei Xin Qiao is very famous in Beijing. The pig intestines are processed very clean, with oil but no strange smell. The aroma is rich but not greasy, satisfying with a mouthful of fragrance.

JD Qingyuan Braised Food Shop

This lu zhu (braised offal) is filled with soup and has a rich, savory flavor.

Chen's Braised Pork Intestine

Restaurants that Beijing people have been eating from childhood to adulthood, a generation's memories.

Yaoji Fried Liver Restaurant (Gulou Branch)

Old Beijing's famous brand, rich in flavor. Beijing locals know that "if you want to eat fried liver, turn at Drum Tower" refers to Yaoji Fried Liver Restaurant. Their fried liver has thick sauce, strong garlic flavor, and delicious aroma. Their buns and braised foods are also good. The price at Yaoji has slightly increased in recent years, but it is still very popular. It is recommended to avoid peak hours to enjoy authentic old Beijing delicacies.

Yang's black stewed offal soup

Founded in the second year of the Republic of China, it is an old and traditional Beijing brand, full of Beijing's local life. Yang Laohei's Braised Stew, a well-known old stew shop in Beijing, is always bustling with customers, with a strong aroma of braised stew filling the air. The stew in this shop is authentic Beijing-style, with ingredients clean and free of fishy smell, and the taste is flavorful but not greasy.