Strongly recommend! The 10 best hot pot restaurants for sliced meat in Beijing

In Beijing, hotpot must be cooked with copper pot and charcoal to be authentic. Just having a good stove is not enough, the meat is also important. Instead of talking a thousand words, it's better for you to come and experience it in person, and get a close-up feeling of Beijing's copper pot culture.

Ju Bao Yuan Hot Pot City

Authentic old Beijing hot pot is available at Jubao Yuan, located on Niujie, a street with a wide variety of delicacies. The restaurant is bustling from morning till night. The signature hand-sliced fresh lamb is thinly and evenly cut, and cooks instantly in the pot, with a fragrant and rich flavor without any fishy or gamey taste.

Man Heng Ji Halal Mutton Hotpot

This is a popular hotpot restaurant with a strong local flavor in Beijing. It is always crowded during meal times, with people lining up to eat. Although the restaurant environment is average, the dishes are very fresh, especially the lamb, which is tender and receives great reviews among customers.

Manfu Building

Every person has a small copper pot in their hands, the lamb meat is red and tender, and the presentation is exquisite. Located on Di'anmen Street in the capital city, this famous hot pot restaurant exudes the charm of the imperial city from the inside out, with a strong sense of history. For old Beijingers, copper pot hot pot is not only a delicacy and a tradition, but also an indelible sentiment. In the cold winter, when the purple copper pot boils with water, the hand-cut fresh lamb is dipped in, and the hot steam fills the air with satisfaction.

South Gate Shuanrou (Temple of Heaven branch)

Copper hotpot with various special condiments, served at the World Expo. The hotpot is filled with authentic Beijing flavors, with a simmering broth and tender lamb. The taste is mouthwatering, especially when paired with the unique condiments. The North Arctic Ocean is a special drink that many people from Beijing remember, definitely worth trying. With a wide variety of dishes and great value for money, it is a must-try delicious experience in Beijing.

Beijing Three Brothers Hotpot (Guijie Branch)

Centennial Copper Pot Shop, where you can enjoy traditional Peking Opera drumming and quick talk performances. The restaurant located in Gui Street is quite popular, as soon as you enter, you can feel the strong old Beijing atmosphere, with wooden square retro tables and chairs, hollow lattice screens, and old Beijing copper pots on the dining table. The shop pays attention to the quality of ingredients, selecting Ujimqin lamb from Ximeng region, ensuring the meat stays on the plate when served. You can also enjoy performances of Peking Opera drumming and quick talk while dining.