Bergen's exquisite cuisine

Bergen is awarded the title of "UNESCO City of Gastronomy," and the cuisine is one of the major reasons that attract people here. A group of young professional chefs, including Christopher Haatuft, skillfully combine fresh seafood with ingredients from the inland to create delicious dishes.

Cornelius Seafood Restaurant

Price: CN¥427 - CN¥584; Dishes include: seafood, European cuisine, Scandinavian cuisine, Norwegian cuisine; Special dietary options: suitable for vegetarians, gluten-free menu options available.
The dining experience at this restaurant is definitely amazing. The food is local and very fresh, prepared perfectly. The cod is especially outstanding! If paired with alcohol, you can try different options, including Malbec. Although some dishes are expensive, they are absolutely recommended!

Bryggeloftet & Stuene Restaurant

This restaurant has two floors, the first floor is called Bryggesteune, and the second floor is Bryggeloftet. Although they have different names, the waiter said that the menu is actually the same. This is definitely the best recommendation. The clams and lamb chops in the restaurant are very delicious. The lamb chops are cooked perfectly and very tasty. Although this restaurant is located in a tourist attraction, many Norwegians also come here to dine, which shows that the Norwegian cuisine here is really authentic! The restaurant looks ordinary from the outside, but it is very comfortable and warm inside.
A nice bar in the center of Bergen, it is a good place to eat snacks or drink. Here you will meet all kinds of people, mainly students because it is in a university town. This is a retro style bar, and local residents' self-brewed beer is a good choice, with a good atmosphere.