Durian Map of Malaysia

Few people know that the world's best durians come from Malaysia, and currently, most of the durians in China are from Thailand. It is rare to find durians from their country of origin, Malaysia, in mainland China. Many so-called "Musang King" durians are actually frozen meat.

Donald 's Durian

This McDonald's is two streets away from Durian SS2, a very experienced durian stall. The Musang King variety is actually cultivated by them, indicating their unshakeable position in the durian industry.

Autumn's market

Chow Kit Market is a traditional market located in the central area of Kuala Lumpur that caters to the Malay community. Several durian stalls, such as Ejop Durian, can be found on Jalan Raja Alang street and are open almost all day. The durians are priced per kilogram and customers can take away leftovers.
The 200-meter-long food street next to Bukit Bintang is also home to durian stalls, perfect for lazy foodies who don't want to travel too far and can have a one-stop feast of Malay food and durians.

Baosheng garden durian manor

Their family has been planting durians since 1959 and has 40-year-old durian trees. What's most distinctive about their durians is that they have five unique flavors. Have you ever tried the "numbing tongue" durian?

Into the orchard

Cheng Guo Yuan is located near the famous Machap Walk food street in Malacca. Their durians have won the title of "Durian Champion" in a national competition, and you can try over 20 different types of durian here.

Garat organic durian garden

Karak Organic Durian Farm is located in Karak, around Kuala Lumpur, and all the planted durians are certified organic by the government.

Jimmy durian garden

Their family runs a business with about 300 durian trees, the oldest of which is over 20 years old.

Please don't visit the durian garden

Their durians are of the best quality in the entire Lawas town. Nearly 400 durian trees of various popular breeds grow here. Besides enjoying the fruit, visitors can also go fishing at nearby ponds.

Durian file

The most famous place to eat durian in Kuala Lumpur is "SS2". Among all durian stalls in SS2, the largest and most famous one is "Durian SS2", which even uses the name of the area as its shop name.