The most worth going hawker stalls in Singapore

The best representation of local street food in a city is undoubtedly its hawker stalls. Singapore's hawker stalls bring together a variety of cuisines, offering delicious food at affordable prices. Both locals and tourists alike enjoy dining here.

Newton Hawker Centre is renowned in Singapore and has almost become a food landmark. The food here is exceptional, especially the spicy chili crab, peppery crab, and succulent seafood barbecue, which are popular among locals. In addition, there is a local specialty radish cake that is also famous. In the show, "A Bite of China," Xie Tingfeng also ordered peppercorn crab and garlic shrimp here.
Maxwell Road Hawker Centre has more than 100 stalls, gathering a diverse range of local Singaporean cuisine. In addition to the many fixed food stalls, there are also mobile vendors. The food offered mainly consists of small snacks with a Southern Chinese and Southeast Asian influence. Among them, Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice and Lao Ban Soya Beancurd are particularly popular and often sell out by early afternoon.

Chinatown Food Street

Chinatown Food Street is a paradise for foodies and a local open-air dining street with local flavor. There are all kinds of local delicacies, from snacks to main courses to bread and desserts. In addition, there are trendy bars and nightclubs that young people love, gathering around Clarke Quay. The whole environment is full of flavor, presenting a mix of modern and exotic styles.
Each store inside is a classic, with long lines almost outside each store. The most popular is the Laoban Douhua, and there is also a Lao Fuzi fried guotiao that is sweet and spicy, with fragrant and crispy oysters. When you bite into it, the sweet juice flows out, it tastes really good.

Wuji Zhima cooked food center

This is a legendary food court, located on the second floor of the shopping mall. There are many delicious snack stalls inside, and you can eat your way through without realizing you're full. Among them are Chinese-style Fujian noodles, seafood barbecue, and more.