Complete guide to different types of egg tarts in Singapore

Hot and delicious Portuguese-style, Japanese-style, Cantonese-style, and Singapore-style egg tarts from the Slope Island: I want to have a bite of each one!

Bake Cheese Tart

BAKE originated from a Western confectionery shop in Hokkaido, Japan and is now popular among young men and women in Asia. The tart filling is made up of three types of cheese: Hokkaido mild cheese, Betsukai rich cheese and French salted cheese.

Flor Patisserie

Cheese Egg Tart without Pastry. As a French dessert shop with a Japanese style, their egg tarts do not have a pastry crust. Every bite is full of cheese filling, giving you a feeling like eating New York style cheesecake. With various flavors, each one stands out impressively.

Pablo Cheesetart

From Osaka to all of Japan, to Taiwan, and hopefully to Singapore, PABLO is undoubtedly the most attention-grabbing cheese tart. The signature dish: half-baked, creamy cheese tart with a texture similar to sponge cake, pudding, and tofu.

Tai Chang cake house

The best Hong Kong-style egg tarts. Tai Cheong Bakery is a traditional bakery in Hong Kong with over 60 years of history. Their egg tarts are a must-try, even the last Governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, couldn't forget them. The crust of their egg tarts is extremely crispy and fragrant, while the filling is super tender and smooth, making it unforgettable after just one bite.

Tong Heng Delicacies

Century-old shop! Many Singaporeans say it's the best egg tart in Singapore. This egg tart is also famous for its unique diamond shape, old-fashioned flavor, and simple ingredients of only eggs and sugar. The egg mixture is very smooth and the egg tart crust tastes like a biscuit.

Zhen Mei Zhen

Singapore has many historic cafes where the decor of the shop retains the design of the 1980s. The egg tarts have a rich milk fragrance, a dense and delicate texture, and although the pastry shell is thick, it is still very crispy.

Le Cafe Confectionery & Pastry

LE Cafe, known for making a celebratory cake for King of Pop, Andy Lau, offers delicious custard tarts with smooth and sweet filling that melts in your mouth, similar to the local tofu pudding. The tarts come in various flavors such as longan, white fungus, durian, and grass jelly. Remember to call ahead and make a reservation.