Singapore's popular buffet rankings

Singapore is a gathering place for cuisines from around the world. If you want to experience a wide variety of food all at once, the best way is to indulge in these popular buffet restaurants.

The most impressive buffet in Singapore. Located at the famous Shangri-La hotel, diners can enjoy five-star service. With a huge seafood area and 16 open cooking stations, everything from lobster to oysters is available, and the desserts are not to be missed.


The most popular halal buffet. Due to Singapore’s diverse population, companies usually opt for halal buffets for office gatherings, and Carousel is probably the most popular commercial dining spot. The food is worth the price, especially with a wide variety of seafood dishes and high quality.
Southeast Asian specialty buffet. The buffet can be divided into four major concepts: Chinese, Indian, Malay and Singaporean cuisine. If you want to taste all of Singaporean cuisine in one go, this is definitely the first choice and you should not miss the local specialty desserts and homemade ice cream.
The king of cost performance. It specializes in seafood barbecue and Japanese teppanyaki, offering over 29 categories and more than 300 dishes. The price is unbeatable as it offers unlimited servings of oysters. It also has a mini amusement park, making it a great place to bring kids.

Melt Cafe

International buffet with outdoor BBQ area. Located in the 5-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the restaurant's unique BBQ area offers seafood, beef, lamb kebabs, satay, freshly grilled suckling pig and more. The Indian cuisine here is also highly praised, with Tandoori-style dishes being one of the highlights of the restaurant.
International style and authentic Singaporean flavors blend together. In addition to various international cuisines, Oscar offers a variety of local dishes, such as laksa, wonton noodles, and Bak Kut Teh, all made very authentic with better quality ingredients than typical food courts. Cantonese cuisine and freshly opened oysters are also a major feature of the restaurant.
High-end Italian seasonal cuisine. Located in a five-star Four Seasons hotel, the restaurant's buffet includes a variety of appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and snacks. The restaurant chairs are surrounded by a grill station, coffee bar, and walk-in wine cellar, and the outdoor dining area overlooks the hotel pool, offering a romantic dining experience.
International buffet with high cost performance in a garden-style dining environment. The open kitchen provides fresh sashimi, Nyonya dishes, freshly made pasta, Singaporean and Thai cuisine, making it easy to get your money's worth. The matcha chocolate fountain is a major highlight of the buffet.