Seoul's markets are great to explore but often overlooked

Korea has always been referred to as the "nation of kimchi" by the Chinese people, and the perception of its limited and monotonous cuisine may already be deeply ingrained in our minds. If I were to tell my friends that I'm going to Korea to embark on a culinary journey, I might be laughed at. However, I followed my impulse and decided to have a Seoul food trip over a weekend.

Featuring Korean local cuisine, such as stir-fried rice cakes, rice wine, cabbage, blood sausage, side dishes, and practically covering all Korean delicacies, the Tongin Market preserves traditions without being ordinary. Famous Korean entertainment shows such as "Running Man," "Infinite Challenge," and "Two Days and One Night" have filmed in this location, showcasing the charm not only in its food but also in the honest hearts of its merchants. At the Tongin Market, visitors must first exchange paper money for copper coins (500 Korean won per coin), then purchase and fill up lunchboxes with their desired food. Typically, two virtual currencies equate to one meal. Therefore, aside from its exquisite cuisine and commercial atmosphere, the marketplace is also filled with the strict yet amusing customs of the Korean people.
Selling various fresh seafood, which can be processed and enjoyed directly on the second floor after purchase. After eating mountain delicacies, come for seafood. Want to try something new? This is the largest seafood wholesale market in Korea and the main source of supply for most restaurants in Seoul. Korea is surrounded by three seas and has a very rich water product. And "Noryangjin Fisheries Market" is the place where water products from the three seas, the West Sea, the East Sea, and the South Sea, are concentrated.

The han river night market

Featuring global cuisine, including pizza, barbecue, grilled shrimp, cocktails, ice cream, and sushi, visitors can taste various foods from around the world. At night, the neon lights on the banks of the Han River and in the city center, as well as the lights of passing vehicles, create a charming night view of the citizen's park, with the flowing river water reflecting the beautiful scenery. As the sun sets, the Han River night market officially begins. It brings together traditional and modern cuisine from all corners of the world, appearing more stylish compared to the previous markets. Each vendor operates out of a car, similar to food trucks in other countries. Most of the cooks inside are young Koreans playing hip-hop music loud while dancing while making food, which is also a unique feature here.