Which restaurant in Seoul is the best for Korean barbecue?

Which Korean barbecue restaurant is the best? Below, we will list a few highly recommended Korean barbecue restaurants that are guaranteed not to disappoint you!

"Teaching university second floor home"

There is pork and also Hanwoo beef available. This restaurant offers fair prices for high-quality meat, and has many branches throughout Seoul, making it one of the favorite choices for Korean barbecue among locals.

Babo unlimited grill

It's a super popular grilled meat restaurant! You can choose and repeat as much as you want for beef, pork, side dishes and more! But we won't use inferior meat just because it's unlimited.

Sensible guy

A very special barbecue restaurant, traditional barbecue restaurants use iron plates to cook meat, but this restaurant uses an oven! Skewer the meat and mushrooms onto the grill fork, cover with the oven lid, and the meat will be cooked in a moment. The meat cooked this way is also very delicious, and the smoke flavor is not as heavy as traditional barbecue restaurants.

Yi before the hall

This restaurant opened in the 1960s and has been awarded two consecutive Michelin stars in Korea! The meat is grilled and then served, so there is no smoke inside. If you want to try a high-end barbecue restaurant, we recommend it! The taste will definitely not disappoint you! The price is a bit expensive, so we suggest ordering a set menu!

Horse farm and livestock market

Machang Livestock Market is a famous pork and beef market in Seoul! Here you can pick the freshest, highest quality, and best-tasting meat! After choosing your meat, you can go upstairs and have the shopkeepers grill it for you to eat! Grilling your own chosen meat makes it even more delicious!