Six Trendy Shows in Seoul

Going to South Korea, you really have to pick a show and experience the top-notch sound effects and atmosphere of Korean small theater culture. When it comes to Korean non-verbal stage shows, everyone's first impression is probably Nanta, but besides Nanta, there are several other non-verbal plays in Korea that have gained attention and are definitely worth watching!

Seoul Jump! Show Pavilion

JUMP! is a hilarious kung fu play with a lot of jokes throughout. The stunts are also impressive, as the performer can jump over 3 meters high with great agility. The actors use exaggerated body language and rich expression to convey the story, incorporating Korean taekwondo and TAEKKYON skills, as well as humorous comedy style and difficult acrobatic movements. The audience can not only receive visual shock and impact during the viewing process but also be tickled to tears by the funny performances. My words cannot fully express how great this play is, so everyone should go watch it in person.

Graffiti HERO(Seoul theatre)

Doodle Show is an extremely creative live painting performance show. It magically presents drawing works on stage in a very short time. Additionally, it combines with music, dance, and modern multimedia technology, which are very artistic and enjoyable. The music matches the plot and is very immersive, making the audience's emotions surge. The performers are four energetic young male actors dressed in black clothes and hats, and their humorous performances keep everyone, young and old, laughing. You will never think that art can be so much fun. Using colored ink and plot, they draw vivid pictures, and the entire process is very relaxed and enjoyable.

Special restaurant for BIBAP

BIBAP is a non-verbal performance that brings the restaurant kitchen to the stage, featuring the signature Korean dish, bibimbap. It is highly infectious and entertaining, with audience participation and a taste of the delicious dishes created by the performers. The show combines talents in singing, B-Box Beatboxing, B-boying dance, with the process of bibimbap cooking integrated into the performance. The story revolves around the competition between red and green chefs in the kitchen, with humorous conflicts and the addition of other unique chefs. The first three dishes are Japanese sushi, Italian pizza, and Chinese noodles, while the final dish is bibimbap, leaving the audience to decide which is the most delicious. With effortless storytelling, humor, and easy-to-understand elements, the show never fails to leave the audience in stitches.

Cat drum show (DRUMCAT)

DRUMCAT is a female percussion group that officially began its activities after its first concert in Seoul in 2006. They combine female sensuality, delicate movements, and explosive performances that can surpass men to create vibrant music. Various rhythms and beats from rock, jazz, electronic music, Latin, etc. come together to create a magnificent audio-visual feast. In September 2009, DRUMCAT performed at a dedicated theater and gradually became a representative performance of South Korea until the Sound Factory in the third quarter of 2013. Starting in October 2015, "DRUMCAT Show 4: SECRET FOREST," a re-arranged original production, made a powerful appearance. Various personal talent performances and joyful melodies have captured the audience's attention.


Fantastical Showcase is a performance that reinterprets traditional Korean elements such as percussion, orchestral music, B-Boy, dance, and traditional agricultural music into a modern sensation. In traditional performances, percussion and orchestral music could not be heard together, but the greatest charm of Fantastical Showcase is that you can enjoy both at the same time. Stringed instruments include the gayageum, haegeum, daegeum, and yatga. Percussion instruments include drums, janggu, gongs, and cymbals. The particularly sorrowful sound of the daegeum played by the female protagonist adds to the emotional impact of the performance. Fanta represents the mysterious and dreamlike atmosphere of the stringed instrument family, while Stick symbolizes the lively and dynamic energy of the percussion family. In addition, the narration by Bansori, although without lyrics, is very powerful and moves the audience greatly.


"JUMP" is a powerful performance in which kitchen utensils such as knives and cutting boards are elevated to become instruments. It is a show that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders. Since its debut in October 1997, it has received enthusiastic responses from audiences, breaking records for ticket sales in Korean performance history. Through constant innovation, "JUMP" has improved its own quality. In 1999, it received the highest praise at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Using the platform of overseas performance experience, it successfully entered Broadway in New York in February 2004, becoming the first Asian performance to do so. To date, "JUMP" has touched the hearts of over 7.4 million audience members worldwide and continues to perform year-round in its own theater in Seoul. In 2009, it won the Best City Program award with nearly 750,000 international tourists choosing to see "JUMP", establishing it as a representative cultural tourism product of Korea.