The top 10 most delicious bowls of rice in Singapore

Not a rice barrel, but you can't miss out on 10 bowls of rice on Slope Island. Japanese food lovers must try: gyudon, unadon, sushi don, tempura don.

Black truffle and beef bowl. Fat Cow, a top-notch Japanese beef cuisine restaurant, sources its beef from renowned farms in Japan and Australia. The charcoal-grilled beef provides an instant explosion of juicy flavor. Diners can also choose to savor the beef as sukiyaki or hot pot.
Foie gras beef rice bowl. Popular Japanese cuisine bar Tanuki Raw uses French cuisine foie gras with Angus beef on top of rice, paired with black truffle and garlic butter sauce, a luxurious pairing at an affordable price.
Man Man is a popular restaurant in Singapore known for eel dishes. The eels are live, killed and grilled on-site. Founded by famous Japanese chef Teppei Yamashita, Man Man is the sixth restaurant he has opened in Singapore. Despite the long queues, many foodies are willing to wait for its delicious three-in-one meal.

Bamboo leaf Pavilion

The Zhuyeting is a 400-year-old restaurant famous for its grilled eel. The eel is grilled with charcoal, steamed, and then grilled again, resulting in a chewy texture. The sauce is not too sweet or spicy, allowing the delicious taste of the eel to shine through.

Teppei Japanese Restaurant

A high-quality and affordable old-school Japanese restaurant. There is usually a long queue for lunch, and the popular omakase dinner requires booking 2 months in advance. The seafood donburi is a crowd-favorite, with generous and juicy portions of fresh sashimi, topped with flavorful vinegar. Every bite is full of sweet and savory goodness.

Maguro-Donya Miura-Misaki-Kou

"Sushi restaurant specializing in tuna, owned by Miura Misaki's wholesaler from Japan. The signature seared tuna bowl uses three different parts of the tuna, with a primitive char aroma and delicate taste after being seared with a blowtorch."
Considered one of the best fried pork chops in Singapore. The golden crispy fried pork chop is bathed in tender egg yolk. It's just like the feeling of having deep-fried dough sticks with soy milk. In addition to the fried pork chop, other fried foods such as fried oysters, fried prawns, and fried chicken chops are also very tempting.

Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry

Singapore's first Hokkaido white curry rice. The white curry is made with Hokkaido milk during the production process, giving it a light milky taste with a hint of spicy pepper, and is perfect when paired with fried food. With sides and soup included, the price is very reasonable.

Yinzuo patio

Singapore's most popular tempura, also the first restaurant specializing in tempura cuisine, has never had a short queue since opening. The menu only offers two choices of meat and vegetables, and each fried dish is impeccable with a light sesame scent. I am always conquered by their food and they will forever be my number one in my heart.


DON MEIJIN brings Singaporean flavors into Ten-Don, introducing a special spicy chili crab flavor by adding chili crab sauce to tempura. It's creative and unique. You can also add dashi soup and turn it into a bowl of tea rice, which is a two-in-one meal.