Overview of the São Paulo Museum of Art

Sao Paulo, a city with a long history, where you can immerse yourself in history and culture. Invite your friends and come visit together!

São Paulo Museum of Art

The Imperial Palace Museum, located in the independent park in the city center, is the oldest museum in the history of São Paulo. It is also the museum of São Paulo University. Both the architectural exterior and the collection inside the museum make it worth a visit in São Paulo.
It is a landmark building in São Paulo, not only the most avant-garde art museum in Brazil, but also the largest art museum in South America with a vast collection of European and Latin American artworks. It attracts tens of thousands of art enthusiasts annually. A must-visit place in São Paulo.

São Paulo Art Exhibition Center

Located in the old town area, the São Paulo Art Exhibition Center is one of the oldest art museums in Brazil. The brick structure building features a black steel aerial walkway and vintage elevators, connecting different floors and galleries. Regular exhibitions of contemporary Brazilian artists, mostly impressionist and postmodernist artists, are held here.

National Sculpture Museum of Brazil

Here are many interesting antiques, and the museum often holds photography and painting exhibitions. You can see many well-designed furniture and items here. The restaurant in the museum courtyard is very good, suitable for sharing with family.

Ibirapuera Park

As its name suggests, several rooms in the Afro-Brazilian Museum tell the story of African history. The museum provides detailed information about slavery and the history of resistance against the abuses inflicted upon Africans. It is recommended for history enthusiasts to visit.