Norwegian Fjord Inventory | Discover the most beautiful "indentation" on Earth here

On this planet, the ever-changing topography and unfathomable weather are as mysterious as they are ungraspable, the beauty lies in the glimpses one can see and feel. Take a look at the breathtaking fjords in Norway and let them leave their indelible marks on you.

Naeroyfjord is one of the branches of Norway's famous Sognefjord and is also the narrowest fjord in the world. It has been listed in the world natural heritage catalogue. Looking down from above, you can easily see its magnificent and gentle side, with blue sky and white clouds, eagles soaring, waterfalls cascading naturally, and the gifts of nature shining brightly here.

Ayulan fjord

Aurlandsfjord is the second longest fjord in the world and is the second branch of Sognefjord. From Flåm, it only takes 2-3 kilometers to reach Aurlandsfjord. To visit Aurlandsfjord, one needs to pass through Flåm and experience the scenic train ride through the fjords, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way or take a walk through the valley surrounded by green mountains and clear waters.

Hadange fjord

Hardanger Fjord stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Hardangervidda plateau in the east. Due to its untamed natural state, the fjord possesses a remarkable grandeur, giving people a sense of wildness and freedom. Here, one can also witness numerous Norwegian landscapes, where peace and vastness coexist. Even when all colors fade away, the scenery still leaves people speechless.

Garonnell fjord

Between the steep and the beautiful, the Gorges du Verdon takes up half each, with one half being naturally uncultivated and the other half being pleasantly scenic without any roughness. There are well-known waterfalls here - the Seven Sisters Waterfall, the Monk Waterfall, and the Bridal Veil Waterfall. Waterfalls soften the edges of the mountains, and when the cliffs are shrouded in mist, the light of the rainbow becomes more and more visible, making it infinitely fascinating.

Lutherfjord Bridge

The most famous attractions in the Lysefjord are the Pulpit Rock and the Kjerag Boulder. As you climb up, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the entire fjord. The fjord is located under the Lysefjord Bridge.
"Experience the magnificence of the Sonmôle Alps, and you will see a different natural environment, the wonderful, naturally occurring and memorable Jolene Bay. You can also participate in the bay cruise, as the boat slowly sails forward, you will appreciate the ever-changing and sturdy bay style here, and when the wind passes through the bay, you will gain another unique perspective."

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