Recommended romantic destinations in Switzerland that couples should not miss

Switzerland can fulfill your wish for the dreamy mountains and rivers, romantic castles, and the romantic fairy tale between lake and mountains that countless couples long for! The beauty here is not artificial, not carefully dressed up, but naturally perfect. Switzerland is dotted with mountains, rivers, and romantic castles. It has everything! It shields the noise and adds a peaceful and romantic atmosphere that is most suitable for couples on vacation.

The Jungfrau, located in the Bernese Highlands, is one of the most famous mountains in Switzerland and one of the most charming landscapes in the area. It has a friendly relationship with the Yellow Mountains in Anhui, China and is greatly favored by Chinese tourists. The Jungfraujoch Railway was opened nearly 100 years ago, taking visitors to Europe's highest railway station, the Jungfraujoch station at an altitude of 3454 meters, where there are restaurants and other services. Here, you can visit the super ice palace and explore the world inside the glacier, while enjoying the spectacular panorama of the Alps from the Sphinx and Platt viewing platforms. Additionally, you can also play to your heart's content in the glacial snowfields. In 2001, this area was listed as a world natural heritage site by UNESCO, attracting even more attention. At an altitude of 3571 meters on the Sphinx viewing platform, you can take Switzerland's fastest elevator and enjoy the spectacular panorama of the Alps, including the Aletsch Glacier, 24 kilometers in length and the longest glacier in the Alps, in view of the landscapes of the Bern, Valais, and Rütli mountains. On clear days, you can also see the Black Forest in Germany.

Sphinx Observatory

It is recommended to take the small train to reach the Sphinx observation deck and enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view. Record your own "Love Peak" at the "Top of Europe"!

Ice Palace

The huge cave is full of ice, and it moves every year! You can easily capture a time-traveling romantic illusion here!


This small mountain village on the cliff of Lauterbrunnen Valley is one of Switzerland's top ten most beautiful towns. After getting off at Lauterbrunnen train station, you can see the nearly 300-meter Staubbach waterfall. Goethe once wrote in a poem: "The soul of man is like water, it comes from heaven and returns to heaven." It's as if he was talking about Mürren, this semi-mountainous and empty place, where every house here is worthy of being on a postcard!

Lake Lucerne

This beautiful lake is surrounded by the Alps, and is particularly clear as it is formed by melting snow water. Sitting by the lake, enjoying the tranquility of the mountains and watching the swans and peaks in the lake make it the perfect honeymoon destination for two people to unwind together.

Capel Bridge

Also known as the "Lover's Bridge," every year the local government organizes hundreds of newlyweds to hold their weddings here. It's perfect for couples to take photos and show off their love on social media!
Chillon Castle is located in the eastern part of Montreux, Switzerland. Although the castle itself is not striking, it retains the characteristics of medieval architecture, providing a sense of security. Chillon Castle is in a prime location, situated on the shores of Lake Geneva and at the foot of the Alps, making it Switzerland's most famous castle and even a symbol of Switzerland. To get to Chillon Castle from Montreux, you can take a car or walk along the lakeside path towards the east for about 4 kilometers, which takes about 40 minutes. In addition, Chillon Castle frequently hosts literary performances, exhibitions and themed parties, so check the official website for activity schedules. The Swiss government and people's protection of the natural and cultural environment is also one of the reasons why the castle has become a famous attraction for those who care about the environment.