Harbin - Tongjiang - Fuyuan - Dongji, waiting for the first ray of sunshine, a three-day tour

1 cities | 5 attraction(s) | total distance 11 km
Fuyuan is located in the easternmost part of China, and it is the first place to see the first ray of sunshine in China. Taking a train from Harbin to Tongjiang and Fuyuan, getting up early and driving with loved ones to wait for the sunrise is a meaningful thing. Here, you can also enjoy the beautiful wetland scenery of Heixiazizi Island.

Day1: Jiamusi

2 attraction(s) · 1 km
Jiejinkou is known as the "border scenic spot" of Heilongjiang. In addition to charming Hezhe customs, Jiejinkou has beautiful scenery that is like a poem and a painting.

Day2: Jiamusi

2 attraction(s) · 10 km
Departure is at 2-3am (depending on the weather and sunrise) heading to Wusu Town, China's easternmost point, to wait for the first ray of sunshine and watch the sunrise. After breakfast, visit the inscription "The Heroic East's First Watchtower" by former CCP General Secretary Hu Yaobang at Wusu Town lookout. Then head to Heixiazi Island to see the Russian Golden Top Church, Heixiazi Island Wetland Park, Floating Wooden Walkway, and evidence of Russian aggression: the ruins of the Russian barracks. You can also strike a pose at the easternmost point of China's largest character "东" square. Return to Fuyuan City in the afternoon.
10 km

Day3: Jiamusi

1 attraction(s) · 0 km
You can sleep in a bit in the morning, and then head to the Heilongjiang Freshwater Fish Museum to see specimens of fish from the Heilongjiang and Wusuli River basins. After that, go to the Riverside Park to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Heilongjiang River and take in the views of the Russian territory across the river. The nearby Xishan Park, with its Soviet Hero Memorial, can also be visited. After lunch, take a car to Fuyuan Nanshan Park, climb to the highest point and overlook Fuyuan County, admiring the beautiful river scenery. In the afternoon, you can go to the shopping mall in the city to buy some local specialties to take home. In the evening, take the train back to Harbin to end the journey.