The Tabán, The view on the top of the mountain is very beautiful

Gellért Hill
All have scenery.
The statue is the landmark of Budapest.
There are two symmetrical sculptures next to it.


The Gellért Hill, located by the Danube River, has an elevation of about 140 meters. Legend has it that every night, there are witches who step on the backs of humans here. Although there are not many attractions originally on the Freedom Hill, hiking and enjoying the scenery at the top of the hill is still a great pleasure. Compared with Castle Hill, the distance on Freedom Hill is shorter and the scenery is better. The walking route passes the Elizabeth Bridge and arrives at the Buda side, and then walks up the steps to reach the top of the hill, where you can also see the statue of Bishop Gellért along the way. The entire journey takes about 30 minutes. It is recommended that those with insufficient physical strength take buses 112/8/239 and walk for about 10 minutes to reach the top. The bus operates around 5:30-23:00.
Gellért Hill
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