Ozkonak Underground City, The wisdom of the ancient Turks was really powerful

50530 Özkonak Nevşehir Province, Turkey


In the early years of the Roman Empire, it is said that Christians were persecuted and forced to hide in caves, where they built churches, monasteries, and dwellings. Christians dug six layers of caves deep into the rock, interconnected and reaching depths of dozens of meters, with various facilities such as storage rooms, stables, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. Additionally, these caves had primitive ventilation holes and escape routes. Today, these caves have been equipped with lighting facilities for tourists to visit.
50530 Özkonak Nevşehir Province, Turkey
It takes half an hour by minibus from the center of Avanos town, and costs 1.5 lira. Buses usually run every half an hour, but there are few on weekends or holidays.