National Museum, There are more religious artworks and art collections

Aleje Jerozolimskie 3, 00-495 Warsaw, Poland
"A very good museum."


Warsaw has the largest national museum, which houses a collection of unparalleled ancient artworks, including over 11,000 artworks from the three ancient civilizations of Greece, Egypt, and Rome. In addition, it displays masterpieces of painting from Italy, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Russia since the 16th century.
Aleje Jerozolimskie 3, 00-495 Warsaw, Poland
Opening hours
Monday Rest<br /> Tuesday 10:00–18:00<br /> Wednesday 10:00–18:00<br /> Thursday 10:00–18:00<br /> Friday 10:00–21:00<br /> Saturday 10:00–18:00<br /> Sunday 10:00–18:00