Lukang Folk Arts Museum, Very beautiful French architecture

152 Zhongshan Road, Lugang Township, Changhua County
Showcased the folk culture of Lukang.
Many products used by people in old times.


To understand the folk culture of Lugang, the Lugang Folk Arts Museum is a good choice. This quaint and clean three-story western-style building is composed of three sections: A, B, and C, and was once the home of Taiwan tycoon Gu Xianrong. The architecture adopts the popular "style architecture" of the time, with the architect, building materials, and even the same as the Taipei Governor's Office. This western-style building combines various Western classical architectural styles from different periods, with rich changes in the facade. Today, the Lugang Folk Arts Museum houses many historically significant artifacts for visitors to explore, such as various models of early Lugang on the first floor of Section A, including street markets, Longshan Temple, salt fields, etc.; the second floor displays many furniture pieces from the Gu family during the early Republic of China period; Section B showcases agricultural tools from the early agricultural society; Section C, known as the "Ancient Wind Building," vividly depicts the traditional life of Lugang through its exhibits. The Zhonglou Pavilion of the Eight Scenic Spots of Lugang refers to the Lugang Folk Arts Museum. The museum still preserves the Gu family ancestral hall, and every year, descendants of the Gu family come back here to pay their respects.
152 Zhongshan Road, Lugang Township, Changhua County
Opening hours
Open from 9:00 to 17:00 Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Mondays. Open on national holidays and important festival days as usual.