Mui Wo, It's very pleasant to walk by the small beach

It's very pleasant to walk by the small beach.
You can take a ferry from Central in Hong Kong to Mui Wo Pier.
The scenery along the way is very beautiful.


Mui Wo is situated in the southeast of Lantau Island in Hong Kong's New Territories, under the jurisdiction of the Islands District. It is a beautiful and charming destination, one of the best places for outdoor activities and vacations in Hong Kong. Visitors also flock to nearby Silver Mine Bay to enjoy a beach vacation. Before the construction of the Tung Chung Line and the Southern Lantau Road, Mui Wo was the only access to Hong Kong Island apart from Discovery Bay. From the city center, people usually head to the outlying island ferry pier, take a ferry to Mui Wo, and then transfer to a bus to visit Po Lin Monastery. This long-standing transportation route bears witness to Hong Kong's development and has become a classic destination for leisure travel. (Image source: WIKIPEDIA)