Royal Enclosure & Phimeanakas, The ancient palace of Angkor Wat is located behind the palace in the sky

Phimeanakas Temple, Elephant Path, Siem Reap, Cambodia
The most stunning ancient cultural relics so far.


Angkor Royal Palace is an ancient building located within the walled city of Angkor Thom, north of Bayon Temple. It has a rectangular layout, consisting of a central sanctuary on a tiered platform and an enclosure with several courtyards and pools. The temple is surrounded by a red earth wall, with an additional enclosure wall added later. The eastern sandstone entrance tower is cross-shaped with two wings, featuring a garuda head on the lintel and decorative carvings on the window frames. There are two ways to enter the ancient palace: through Phimeanakas or the Elephant Terrace. Passing through a small stone gate in the enclosure wall leads to Phimeanakas, located within the royal enclosure and 300 meters away from Baphuon Temple, 4 kilometers from Angkor Wat. Phimeanakas is a rectangular structure with walls and towers, also known as the Celestial Palace. It was once the residence of the royal family and is adjacent to two sandstone pools used for bathing. It was built by one king but utilized by two others, who expanded and adorned it. The pyramid-shaped temple has three tiers, representing Mount Meru, but many of its decorative motifs have been damaged or lost. The palace appears somewhat dilapidated today, but climbing to the second and third tiers of the temple provides a better view of the surrounding scenery.
Phimeanakas Temple, Elephant Path, Siem Reap, Cambodia