Bayon, Both morning and evening are the best viewing spots

Baphuon Temple in Angkor Wat
Both morning and evening are the best viewing spots.
Sculpture tower with circular plane as center.
It is a unique attraction in the area.


Located in the heart of Angkor Thom, Banteay Kdei is an ancient temple built in the late 12th century over a period of 37 years. The temple is divided into three levels, with the lower two levels being square in shape and adorned with exquisite sculptures on the outer walls, and the top level being circular and housing a Buddhist stupa. Each tower is adorned with four-faced Buddha statues, symbolizing the power of the Khmer Empire at that time. These massive statues and the carvings on the walls display the typical Khmer facial features, with a slight smile and an air of mystery, known as the "Khmer Smile". Entering Banteay Kdei, the walls are adorned with rich carvings, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Each detail depicts scenes from the past, including ancient warfare, daily life of the people, and the beauty of the Baray lake. These vivid wall paintings tell distant stories and are precious historical relics that are not to be missed. The bas-reliefs on the ground level are arranged in a clockwise direction starting from the East gate, depicting scenes such as the capture of Champa, worshipping of Lingas, naval warfare, water activities, victory processions, cockfighting and chess, armies, internal conflicts, a big fish swallowing a sheep, a circus, and the Chams looting Angkor. Banteay Kdei is pleasant in the morning, with a comfortable temperature and fresh air. However, artificial lighting is needed to explore the interior, as it remains pitch black inside even at midday.
Baphuon Temple in Angkor Wat