Pyramid of Djoser, He was, however, the first pyramid in Egyptian history

Mit Rahinah, Al Badrashin
A pyramid located in Sakkara, Egypt.
Located is the oldest temple in ancient Egypt.
Considered as the origin of world's pyramids.


Zoser Pyramid, also known as the Step Pyramid, is located in the Saqqara area of Egypt. Built between 2630 and 2611 BC, it is the funerary complex for Pharaoh Djoser of the Third Dynasty, designed and constructed under the supervision of his vizier, Imhotep. This pyramid is significant as it is the first true pyramid in Egypt and features six different-sized mastabas. The Zoser Pyramid is a masterpiece of Egyptian engineering and design, representing the ancient Egyptian civilization and culture.
Mit Rahinah, Al Badrashin