Shuhe Ancient Town, Shuhe Ancient Town is much better than Lijiang Old Town in comparison

Lijiang Shuhe Tea Horse Ancient Town, Gucheng District, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province
Better able to feel the quiet and clean ancient city culture.
Unique wine
Ancient town center area, quiet alley.


This small town is located in the northwest of the Lijiang Old Town, surrounded by mountains and with a gentle flow of water. Compared with Dayan Ancient Town, it is more peaceful and quaint. The town is close to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, with rolling mountains, verdant trees, and beautiful scenery. There are ancient buildings such as the Dashi Bridge and Dajue Palace, which are well-preserved and have murals depicting characters and images from Buddhism. As an important part of the World Cultural Heritage site of Lijiang Old Town, it was named as a CCTV "China Charming Town" in 2005.
Lijiang Shuhe Tea Horse Ancient Town, Gucheng District, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province
Opening hours
All day (Monday to Sunday, January 1st to December 31st)
[Lijiang Ancient Town - Shuhe] Bicycle: Shuhe Ancient Town is about 6 kilometers away from Dayan Town, and you can rent a bicycle to get there. Minibus: There are private minibuses outside the ancient town, and the cost is generally around 5 yuan; there are also micro-cars to Shuhe at the Luxi Long Supermarket on Shangri-La Avenue, 2 yuan/person, and around 20 yuan for chartering. Taxi: It costs 15-20 yuan to take a taxi, and the meter is generally not used. Bus: Bus 111 connects Lijiang Ancient Town and Shuhe Ancient Town, passing through Hongtaiyang Square. [Lijiang Railway Station - Shuhe] Bus: There is a direct bus 103 from Lijiang Railway Station to Shuhe, passing through Fuhui Market and other stations in the city. However, tourists departing from Lijiang city are not recommended to take Bus 103 to avoid long waiting times. Please take Bus 111 from the city to get there. Taxi: It costs around 40 yuan to take a taxi from Lijiang Railway Station to Shuhe Ancient Town. [Lijiang Sanyi Airport - Shuhe] Taxi: It costs around 100 yuan to take a taxi from the airport to Shuhe Ancient Town, and prices may increase at night. Bus: Take the airport bus to the Aviation Blue Sky Hotel (Fuhui Road), and transfer to Bus 103 tourism express to Shuhe South Gate Station.