Top Water Adventure Destinations in Australia

Experience unparalleled water adventures in Australia. Join a white water rafting adventure in the wilderness of Tasmania's World Heritage Site, or take a sailboat tour of Sydney Harbour. Challenge yourself with thrilling cage diving - brushing shoulders with great white sharks, or catch an Australian lungfish big enough to brag about to your friends. Whether you long to surf 10-foot crystal-clear waves or paddle a canoe through towering cliffs in ancient gorges, Australia can fulfill your wishes.

Griffith Lake

Sailboard surfing — Australian Capital Territory, Canberra, Lake Burley Griffin; One unique thing about Australia is that you can sailboard surf past a range of national institutions. For example, on Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, you can see judges wearing wigs walking down the steps of the High Court of Australia. Or glide past other magnificent public buildings, including the National Gallery, National Library, and Museum. Then, explore the city's lush forests. This place is great for beginners in longboarding and paddleboarding. There are many shops along the lakefront that rent out boating equipment, where you can also rent a sailboard.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sailing a sailboat - Sydney Harbour, New South Wales; admire this world-famous harbor from the deck of a sailboat. As you sail past islands, waterfront buildings, national parks, beautiful bays, and beaches, adjust the sails and steer the helm with the breeze, learning maneuvering techniques. There are several yacht clubs along the harbor, choose one and join their half-day or multi-day sailing courses. They offer a variety of courses. Rent a yacht and invite your friends to come aboard for a sailing adventure.

Lake Jipslan

Water skiing and wakeboarding - Gippsland, Victoria, Australia; is the largest navigable inland waterway in Australia, this vast and serene lake area is made up of interconnected lakes and lagoons and is beloved by water sports enthusiasts. Sand dunes separate it from the rarely visited beaches of Bass Strait. There are many tour companies that offer courses and equipment, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced pro, they can meet your needs. Learn wakeboarding, practice stork-style moves, or try barefoot water skiing.

York Corner City

Saving Turtles - Queensland, Cape York, participating in a beachside sea turtle rescue camping activity at Cape York, combining adventure, wildlife conservation, and cultural enrichment. Staying in the Mapoon indigenous community, protecting turtles from discarded fishing nets and wild pigs with local residents and researchers. Tracking and measuring nesting locations of turtles, installing pig deterrents around them, and using specialized 4x4 vehicles to remove fishing nets from the beach. A rare opportunity to stay in a remote Aboriginal community in Australia.
Surfing - Western Australia, Margaret River; head to Surfers Point to watch or participate in the annual professional surfing competition in early April. Challenge the intimidating left-hand waves at Yallingup, find suitable surf breaks at secluded beaches like Boranup or try the right-hand waves at Injidup. If you are a complete beginner, it is recommended to take beginner courses offered by surfing schools and practice your surfing skills in smaller wave areas at Redgate and the mouth of Margaret River. Besides surfing, the region also boasts top-notch wineries, towering karri forests, and tranquil underground caves, adding icing on the cake to your adventure journey.

Lincoln Port

Diving with Great White Sharks - South Australia, Port Lincoln, experience the thrilling cage diving, challenge your courage, and confront the most ruthless killer in the ocean, the Great White Shark. Fly from Adelaide to Port Lincoln for a short while, then depart for the Neptune Islands, one of the areas with the most Great White Shark activity in the world. Press the shutter and capture precious photos that testify to your fearless spirit.

Catherine Valley

Kayaking - Northern Territory, Katherine Gorge - Join a kayaking and camping journey to explore the Katherine Gorge, which consists of 13 interconnected gorges. It is a rugged and majestic world of spectacular rock formations.