Top 5 shopping centers not to be missed for crazy shopping in Brasília

Brasília, also known as Brasília, is the third capital of Brazil and a highland capital. It is also the political center of Brazil. There are many shopping centers and characteristic markets here, which you can go and explore.

Mercado Municipal is a large food and grocery market where you can find a variety of delicious food, enjoy wine, beer, and bread, and also find various local or imported products. The environment is clean and atmospheric, and you can purchase high-quality goods here.

Shopping Conjunto Nacional

A fully-equipped shopping mall located in the center of Brasília, it is one of the main shopping centers for locals. The mall offers free WIFI, allowing guests to use the internet for free while shopping or dining. There are plenty of dining options available in the shopping center, providing a wide range of choices.


In the early 1980s, Parkshopping introduced a new large-scale retail shopping experience to the residents of Brasília, Brazil, becoming an iconic shopping center in the city. After a major expansion in December 2012, the mall became even more complete, offering shopping, dining, cinema, bookstore, and regular events, making it a place not only for shopping but also for leisurely walks.

Imported Market

Around 1997, it was established near the announcement area of the Maginlandsha Stadium, selling electrical and electronic products. Here, there is diversity and uniqueness in electronics, furniture, clothing, home supplies, car audio, computers, and services, and the prices are cheap, but remember to bargain.

Brasilia Shopping

Brasilia Shopping is located in the center of Brasilia, with convenient and fast transportation. The architectural style of the mall is unified with the city's urban architecture, featuring beautiful lines and a modern style. Although not very large, the mall offers excellent quality and you can find everything you need, including many places to eat, as well as various snacks and meals.