Tokyo's Newest Food Trend: Try the Best Dipping Noodle Spots

I heard that dipping noodles are currently popular in Tokyo. Let's take a look at the outstanding dipping noodle restaurants!

Da Sheng Xuan

A century-old store that preserves the traditional flavor, known as the founder of dipping noodles. Since its establishment, the store has carefully blended the taste of dipping sauce, using pork bone, chicken bone, and fish bone broth to achieve a subtle balance, and adding a little sourness to further stimulate the appetite of diners.

A house lamp

One Lamp's dipping noodles are also one of the best. The selling point of this shop is the rich and abundant ingredients. It has special thick fish bone soup base and special thick chicken soup base, which are deeply loved by local people in Tokyo. There are only 11 seats in the shop, and queuing is a battle.

Doumian house security guard

Recommended to girls who want to eat vegetables! Friends who come to Japan for the first time will be shocked by the lack of vegetables in Japanese daily diet, especially in ramen and set meals. However, this restaurant uses a variety of vegetables to make the soup base, which is healthy, nutritious and delicious, and is currently the most popular vegetable dipping noodle in Japan!

Liulishe Tokyo

The noodles have a specially made extremely coarse texture, which is very chewy and has a great texture. The soup is made of a mixture of pork bone broth and fish bone broth, which is very delicious even if you drink it directly and won't feel too heavy. During peak hours, there may be a lot of people, so seize the opportunity to visit this famous shop!