Tokyo's super popular hidden restaurant

Did you know that Tokyo's big and small shopping malls and alleys hide numerous popular food shops? Most of them have very small storefronts and are extremely difficult to book. If the food wasn't so delicious, people wouldn't be drooling to attend!

Sushi Saito

Who would have thought that in the lively and high-energy nightlife of Roppongi, there is a sushi restaurant with extraordinary style! This restaurant has received three Michelin stars for five consecutive years, so you can imagine how delicious the sushi must be. Unfortunately, there is only one six-person counter in the restaurant, although you can enjoy the food and admire the chef's skills at the same time.
Nestled in an ordinary building in Akasaka, if it hadn't been for the small door lamp on the side of the porch with the characters "Matsukawa," it would not have been apparent that this was a famous kaiseki restaurant. Matsukawa's uniqueness lies in its minimal processing of ingredients, which maximizes their natural flavors and maintains excellent taste and atmosphere. It is even said that the restaurant turned down a Michelin star, boasting its authenticity.

L'Effervescence (French) - The Fizz

This Michelin two-star French restaurant has a very special location, hidden in a standalone Western-style house in a quiet alley of Nishi-Azabu, and the atmosphere is quite good! When serving, the restaurant manager introduces the ingredients and cooking methods of each dish, with an elegant and thoughtful attitude. From the environment, service, atmosphere, to the cuisine, it shows a typical French style, making it a perfect choice for elevating your X-factor.
This restaurant is also very hidden, and the difficulty of making a reservation is enough to illustrate the top-level level of this restaurant. The most exaggerated one even requires two months in advance! This is a very patient foodie! The dishes of Q restaurant are very good in appearance and taste, and you must go there in person to experience the various flavors.

Helmet eel shop

The most popular eel restaurant in Tokyo. Standing outside the store, it seems like going back to the 1990s, but the simple storefront can't stop the shining of deliciousness. In addition to the best eel, the store's sake is also well-known, mostly exclusive brews and very rare.