5 Must-Visit Instagrammable Restaurants in Sapporo

As the capital of Hokkaido, Sapporo not only has charming natural scenery and historical culture, but also the most authentic Hokkaido cuisine. Here are some of the most popular restaurants in Sapporo that are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds!

Sapporo Ramen Republic is a theme park that brings together 8 of the most popular ramen shops in Hokkaido. Here, you can taste different flavors of ramen from Hokkaido. White Birch Mountain Village, Hakodate, Baikoken, and Ebetsu Ginparou are among the ramen shops that gather together. Although each shop is not very large, behind each bowl of hot ramen, there is a chef who cooks with heart and practice the spirit of ramen with every order.
Kanihonke is an old and famous crab restaurant in Hokkaido, serving banquet dishes featuring the three major crabs of Hokkaido. They have multiple branches across Japan, with the Sapporo branch being the main store before the war. The restaurant is built in the style of ancient Japanese houses, adding a unique flavor. It is very popular among foreign tourists since they use fresh crabs imported from Hokkaido, making various delicious dishes with unbeatably fresh crab meat and raw fish slices that cannot be replicated by other shops!

Snow Brand paror (Sapporo flagship store)

Founded in 1925, Snow Brand is a famous milk brand in Japan. At the "Snow Brand Parlor" near JR Sapporo Station, the ice cream parfait made with Snow Brand milk not only has a rich flavor, but also has a smooth texture. Even in the heavy snow of winter, it is still popular and is definitely Sapporo's most popular dessert. It is said to be a top-notch ice cream created for the inspection of Hokkaido by Emperor Showa. The first floor of Snow Brand specializes in selling Hokkaido specialties, such as Snow Brand products like butter and cheese, as well as Hokkaido specialties like Shiroi Koibito and fresh chocolate, making it the best choice for buying souvenirs.

Picante soup curry

Picante is a famous soup curry specialty store in Sapporo. After absorbing various curry cultures from India and Southeast Asia, Sapporo has created its own unique style of curry, including soup curry, which has become a famous product of Sapporo. When ordering, customers can choose the type of soup, main ingredients, and accompanying ingredients according to their own preferences, and choose the level of spiciness, with extra charges for levels above the standard. Each table is equipped with a service bell, and customers can easily order with the Chinese menu.
Kushikara is a common chain izakaya in Japan, where grilled skewers and beer are typically paired. The skewers are mainly made of meat, including beef tenderloin, grilled chicken wings, and grilled cartilage, as well as vegetarian options such as asparagus, ginkgo nuts, and cheese rice cakes. Authentic Sapporo beer is also available and complements the skewers perfectly. The service is very attentive and receives great reviews from both tourists and locals. It is extremely popular!